Whitechapel – Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence

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A cover of Whitechapel's "Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence" on bass!

Learn to play this song HERE: http://youtu.be/5PcYfnYDYKw

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Стиль: Deathcore
Группа: Whitechapel
Видео: Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence (Клип)
Альбом: Whitechapel (2012)
Год: 2012
Страна: США

Стиль: Deathcore
Формат: mp4 360p
Размер: 17 Мб

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Whitechapel - Possibilities of an Impossible Existence
Album: Whitechapel, 2012
Metal Blade Records

Parc Jean Drapeau, August 9th 2014, https://www.facebook.com/whitechapelmetal

Whitechapel performing their last song, Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival in Burgettstown/Pittsburgh, PA on 7/28/12

the audio got a little messed up towards the end because of the rain hitting the mics :/

Learn to play Whitechapel's "Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence" on bass!

RIFF-BY-RIFF NOTE/TAB TRANSCRIPTION: http://www.joshuanealemusic.com/transcriptions/whitechapel-possibilities.pdf

For a cover of this song, click HERE: http://youtu.be/_kLdSFFo-20

Visit http://www.joshuanealemusic.com for more!

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Audio mixed by: Zakk Cervini - Civere Sounds

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February 3, 2013
Whitechapel @ Mojoes
Brothers of Brutality Tour
Joliet, IL

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