Winter Wakeboarding

Everybody knows that moment when the season is over...
It is always sad, we are waiting for a chance to get back on a favourite board.
But there is no necessity to wait now. You can wakeboarding in the winter swimming pool!


Who said the cold British winter meant you couldn't go wakeboarding? The UK girls show how tough they really are in this video featuring Jules Haley, Sarah Kingdom, Laura Christian and Kirsteen Mitchell.

Автор Сергей Коба aka ФОРС (

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Самая большая группа про ЭКСТРИМ | EXTREME

Зимний вейкбординг на Рождество, 2017 год, "Голубое озеро".


Вот так мы зажигали в Баре Байконур на Winter Weekend Wakeboard Party! Благодарю всех, кто был тогда на танцполе и организаторов этой чудесной вечеринки за то, что пригласили! :)
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Here's how we rocked the dancefloor at Winter Weekend Wakeboard Party (Baikonur Bar, Saint-Petersburg).
Many thanks to all people from the dancefloor and to event makers for inviting me to this amaing party! :)
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riding on wake - Nikita Frolov filming edit - twinkrew Russia , Saratov city .18/3/13 it's was the cold weather)