Wu-Tang Clan - Ice Cream

Ice cream (feat. Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna & Method Man)
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

Припев - Method Man
1 куплет - Ghostface Killah
2 куплет - Raekwon Tha Chief
3 куплет - Cappadonna

Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah & Cappadonna

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Wu-Tang Clan - Ice Cream

старенький і убойний хіт



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Say ice-cream
Say ice-cream
Say ice-cream

Watch these rap niggaz get all up in your guts
French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe
Even caramel sundaes is gettin' touched
And scooped in my ice-cream truck, Wu tears it up

Yo honey-dips, summertime, fine Jheri drippin'
See you on Pickens with a bunch of chickens how you're clickin'
I catch shootin' strong notes as we got close
She rocked rope, honey throat smellin like impulse

Ice Cream LIVE in Chicago, 8 Diagrams Tour. 12.15.07

by Раш

Живое выступление группы в полном составе.

This is from the "Live at Montreux 2007" Video, I do not own any of these videos, or songs, They belong to the Members of Wu-Tang Clan, and Eagle Eye Media. Thank you for watching.

Wu Tang Clan perform 'Ice Cream' followed by 'Winter Warz' live in concert at the first weekend of the 2013 Coachella Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California on Sunday April 14, 2013.


Video shot on a Sony HF-S100 HD camcorder
Audio recorded on an Edirol R-09HR digital audio recorder with Church Audio CA-11 microphones.