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7 au 16 juillet 2011
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[국내컬렉션] 2015 SFW_WUNDERKAMMER 백스테이지 [TRENDY]

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WUNDERKAMMER - Cabinet of Curiosities
Meditations on Wonderment

Theatre with string puppets from Alice-Therese Gottschalk,
Raphael Mürle and Frank Soehnle

The idea of a cabinet of curiosities, an antiquated concept for a museum centred around a collection of rare artefacts and curiosities, provides the framework for this evening of theatrical entertainment betwixt the visual and the performing arts.
Tempo and flair are created by the compositions of jazz pianist Michael Wollny and harpsichord player Tam

Wunderkammer Magazine catches Jimmy LaValle of The Album Leaf in Sacramento, and he talks about his new album "A Chorus of Storytellers" and the joys and woes of being a musician for ten years.

The Album Leaf

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Directed by J.M. Harper

Circa: Wunderkammer

Mit den Figurenspielern Alice Therese Gottschalk, Raphael Mürle und Frank Soehnle haben sich drei Schüler des weltbekannten Marionettenvirtuosen Albrecht Roser zum Trio zusammen geschlossen, um ihre Arbeit mit der Marionette zu vertiefen und weiter zu entwickeln. Die Wunderkammer der Marionette versetzt durch die einzigartige Magie und Schwerelosigkeit das Publikum in Staunen
Musik: Bradley Kemp

[[The Band]]

Who are the Dead Brothers?
A surrealist chanson outfit, Penny arcade singers from Bismarck , North Dakota , carny attractions at PT Barnum's or rejects from Hades?
Perhaps taking a closer look at their music will shed some light on this investigation.
Bluegrass clashes with Macedonian funeral marches, Jimmy Rodgers goes line dancing with Bauhaus and Swiss hillbilly folk music becomes the soundtrack to a hardboiled film noir.
The Dead Brothers know a secr


The project for this video is the result of the encounter of designer Caterina Gatta with Italian actress Tea Falco and with film director and fashion photographer Paolo Santambrogio. In order to illustrate the garments from the summer 2015 collection by the Rome-born designer, they chose to create something more that just a fashion short film, trying to tell a story that connected through a subtle thread the clothes by Caterina, inspired by Marie Antoinette, to the contemporary world, pervaded by an often

Blondish - Birds Eat Birds 'Wunderkammer' EP



Released last month, the track combines the elegant production of classic Kompakt with a rude edge that seems – though we’re not sure it actually is – informed by the UK’s deep tech circles.

Purchase Blond:ish's new EP: http://www.kompakt.fm/releases/wunderkammer

Courtesy of KOMPAKT RECORDS: http://www.kompakt.fm/

Directed by Shira Kela

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Photophilla comes back with a new story about calligraphy and poetry. The two International Calligraphers Massimo Polello and Birgit Nass worked together over a collection of 100 words. Birgit and Massimo, as in the rooms of the 16th century, set up their own room of wonders using calligraphic signs and letters on 100 small canvases, filling up the whole art gallery, with the intent of kindle the visitors' marvel. Birgit Nass: birgitnass.de Massimo Polello: lacalligrafia.com Direction and photograp

Ettore's house is a delicate and perfect world made of shapes. I can't see this place as a classical, real museum. In general, artists, with their works, show us windows to their souls. But here there is more: it's a journey inside an alive and pulsing brain; a body in perfect homeostasis. Here there are doors, leading you on a "neurological" path made of brilliant and serial synapses that create beauty. La casa di Ettore è un delicato e perfetto equilibrio di forme. Non riesco a vedere questo luo