Xzibit - Get Your Walk On

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CD №3-4 ( 11/12-2007г. )
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Запис на DVD: 11 / 05 - 2008 года.

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Xzibit - Get Your Walk On (HD Dirty)(HQmvideo 720p)

Director: Frank Borin<br/><br/>

Xzibit Featuring Dr. Dre - Get Your Walk On

Легендарный клип!
Год 2001
Xzibit Get Your Walk On (original video version) Geneva Films SMITH and BORIN

A.Joiner, M Bradford, K Gillian, Hennessey For Everyone/VOCO

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Xzibit - Get Your Walk On (Dirty) Official Music Video (C-Walk 4 Life!)
From Album: Restless

cwalk version. this is NOT a dance!

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Xzibit - Get Your Walk On (Explicit)

Xzibit - Get Your Walk On

"Get Your Walk On" was the third and final single by American rapper Xzibit, from his 2000 album, Restless.The song is produced by Mel-Man and Battlecat.

This is not a dance))

Explicit Uncensored ( Best Quality ) HD 720p Video Version..From The 2000 Album : Restless..Producers : Mel-Man Battlecat
Xzibit Вконтакте: vk.com/XzibitNews

Music video by Xzibit performing Get Your Walk On. Off the album Restless. © 2001 Sony


(Yeah) I can drink a whole Henessey fifth
Some call that a problem but I call it a gift
Xzibit make the whole continent shift (hell yeah)
Invadin your territory in a blaze of glory
A soldier story, livin off nothin but instinct
Bitch niggaz continue to floss and lip-sync
And I'ma just continue to flow, while rockin the boat
Probably smoke three-hundred thousand dollars in dope
Don't make my desert eagle barrel touch the back of your throat
Always approach

Music video by Xzibit performing Get Your Walk On. Off the album Restless. © 2001 Sony

World Star Hip-Hop | WSHH

Um dos grandes sucessos de Xzibit, "Get Your Walk On", mostra o poderio dos rappers da West Coast (na época Xzibit era um dos emergentes) da qual já contava com Dr. Dre e Snoop Dogg.

A música pertence ao álbum "Retless" de 2000.

http://www.xzibitcentral.com - Xzibit Live show (Paparazzi, Get Your Walk On, What's the Difference) - Bliss N Eso backstage.

For the extended version of this clip check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvEor4m5kbo

This video was shot at Xzibit's show at The Forum, Sydney, on October 5th 2008.
On stage MC's: Xzibit, Defari, Jelly Roll. On the decks: Dj Invisible, Sir Jinx.

Credit for this video goes to Dennis "DXV" Vollmer from Skyline Productions - http://www.skyline-productions.net/

Bliss N Eso are one of Australia's premier hip hop crews, check them out at http://www.blissneso.com

Classic Xzibit track. One of his best, off the album 'Restless'

29.10.11. Tele-Club Ekaterinburg


с 8 по 12 секунду, если присмотреться, то можно увидеть как я выпрыгиваю выше всех прямо перед сценой!!)))

http://www.xzibitcentral.com - Xzibit - Learn to C-Walk - A guy doing the Crip Walk over an Xzibit track, Get Your Walk On. Brought to you by XzibitCentral.com - http://www.xzibitcentral.com

This is a really cool video of Xzibit.
Watch and enjoy!

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