Xzibit - Get Your Walk On

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Xzibit Featuring Dr. Dre - Get Your Walk On

Легендарный клип!
Год 2001
Xzibit Get Your Walk On (original video version) Geneva Films SMITH and BORIN

A.Joiner, M Bradford, K Gillian, Hennessey For Everyone/VOCO

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Xzibit - Get Your Walk On (Dirty) Official Music Video (C-Walk 4 Life!)
From Album: Restless

cwalk version. this is NOT a dance!

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Xzibit - Get Your Walk On (Explicit)

Xzibit - Get Your Walk On

"Get Your Walk On" was the third and final single by American rapper Xzibit, from his 2000 album, Restless.The song is produced by Mel-Man and Battlecat.

This is not a dance))

Music video by Xzibit performing Get Your Walk On. Off the album Restless. © 2001 Sony

World Star Hip-Hop | WSHH

Music video by Xzibit performing Get Your Walk On. Off the album Restless. © 2001 Sony

Explicit Uncensored ( Best Quality ) HD 720p Video Version..From The 2000 Album : Restless..Producers : Mel-Man Battlecat
Xzibit Вконтакте: vk.com/XzibitNews


(Yeah) I can drink a whole Henessey fifth
Some call that a problem but I call it a gift
Xzibit make the whole continent shift (hell yeah)
Invadin your territory in a blaze of glory
A soldier story, livin off nothin but instinct
Bitch niggaz continue to floss and lip-sync
And I'ma just continue to flow, while rockin the boat
Probably smoke three-hundred thousand dollars in dope
Don't make my desert eagle barrel touch the back of your throat
Always approach

Um dos grandes sucessos de Xzibit, "Get Your Walk On", mostra o poderio dos rappers da West Coast (na época Xzibit era um dos emergentes) da qual já contava com Dr. Dre e Snoop Dogg.

A música pertence ao álbum "Retless" de 2000.

http://www.xzibitcentral.com - Xzibit Live show (Paparazzi, Get Your Walk On, What's the Difference) - Bliss N Eso backstage.

For the extended version of this clip check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvEor4m5kbo

This video was shot at Xzibit's show at The Forum, Sydney, on October 5th 2008.
On stage MC's: Xzibit, Defari, Jelly Roll. On the decks: Dj Invisible, Sir Jinx.

Credit for this video goes to Dennis "DXV" Vollmer from Skyline Productions - http://www.skyline-productions.net/

Bliss N Eso are one of Australia's premier hip hop crews, check them out at http://www.blissneso.com

29.10.11. Tele-Club Ekaterinburg

Classic Xzibit track. One of his best, off the album 'Restless'


с 8 по 12 секунду, если присмотреться, то можно увидеть как я выпрыгиваю выше всех прямо перед сценой!!)))

http://www.xzibitcentral.com - Xzibit - Learn to C-Walk - A guy doing the Crip Walk over an Xzibit track, Get Your Walk On. Brought to you by XzibitCentral.com - http://www.xzibitcentral.com

This is a really cool video of Xzibit.
Watch and enjoy!

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