YAMAHA R6 Drifting

Люблю дрифт !

Yamaha R6 Drift - Bill Dixon

For those who think I am pushing too hard on this bike.... I am sorry to disappoint you but I am really not going that hard. Yeah ok, a tad too much throttle but nothing to be concerned about. If you think this is what riding a sportsbike fast looks like, wow...... No, sorry..... This is really not that quick at all. Nor am I even close to having an accident here I am barely even sideways. I have been MUCH worse than this and lived. So before you post how about how dumb I am for what happens in this video, please just realize that you might not understand just how hard and fast these bikes CAN be ridden.

Here is some footage of a couple of drifts I managed to pull off on a spirited run I did through the 10 mile twistie section of the Putty Rd (NSW Australia).

Stock 09 Yamaha R6
Filmed with a GoPro HD Hero.

Bike Stunts Yamaha R6 and Honda CBR Burnouts,Drifts & wheelies. Motorcycle stunt riders making much noise to rev limiter and a lot of smoke.

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