You make me stutter

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two days ago i stumbled upon this movie and normally i'm not a big fan of romatic comedies but this movie was so adorable and funny,i loved it! :D the video is nothing special,just some luce and rachel cuteness. ^___^

Бегущий в Лабиринте | The Maze Runner

MUSIC: Maroon 5 - Stutter

/Watch in HD please~ :)
this is dedicated to my biggest lovely inspiration, Paige (Haeisaur) though i'll never be as good as her ;__;
this was supposed to be finished by our wifeyversary but exams came sorry babe TT__TT
I love you~
so guys it's been a while^^ I'll try my best to upload more ;^; love you all~

credit to radiatewithlove for the wonderful coloring :3

Just a simple video, 'cause there's a time already that I made one.

Song: Stutter by Maroon 5

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(Please watch in HD :D ) I'm so happy with this one :D It was supposed to be finished a week ago in time for my 20th birthday, but like an idiot, I started it the day before but then realised there was no way in hell I'd get it done in time. But at least it is done now :) And anyway, my birthday didn't totally suck like I thought it would. I got to see the Hobbit again for the utmost reason of eye-raping Aidan and Richard... especially Richard. I don't know why I always fall harder for the older guys, but I

Hey thereee :) I know that not, between these two, things are not good, if i think that i cry D: I joined a contest and this is my new video for the sexual tension category. At the beginning it was so evident *W* Owhhh my babies, i hope they'll come back together **<br/><br/>

*Guiltily made another video about Dan* Sorry guys I just couldn't help it. Sometimes he just seems to be the only thing to help me through when I feel like crap. So you know if this puts a smile on your face then it's worth it, haha.

Featuring Phil:

Woow Guys Thanks For 200!! You Guys are so amazing. LOVE YOUU!

New Video For Clari! She is so amazing! ENJOY!
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