Z-Depth Compositing

NOTE --- My name is Francesco M., I'm the author of the text (and video, which I published on my Italian YT account, with my own voice) of this tutorial, but, since my English is "not-that-good", I asked an English girl (Ede H.) to rec her voice on it :) I hope you like it!

Text version, video download, ebooks, tutorials: http://www.francescomilanese.com/ENG/tutorials/blender-3d/66-blender-3d-nodes-compositing-why-is-the-z-depth-output-a-white-image.html

Blender 3D Nodes Compositing: why is the Z Depth ou

Tech Demo showing Z-Depth Compositing in Unity for the upcoming indie adventure game "Libera Me".


how to comp depth map in nuke

使用Z depth營造景深及環境霧效果,場景取自「John Burger」專案