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"The People Tree"  (Featuring David Byrne, Chali 2na, Gift Of Gab & Z-Trip)
Art by Marcel Dzama
Directed and Animated: Syd Garon and Johannes Gamble
Producer: Susan Applegate
Production Company: Squeak E. Clean
Transfer House : New Hat
Film: Lance Accord
Telecine Artist and Blood Donor: Adolfo Martinelli
Photoshop: Jeremy Kaller and Jennifer Fujikawa

N.A.S.A.'s debut album "The Spirit of Apollo" hit the shelves 2/17/09 on Anti

I directed and animated this video with Johannes Gamble and Marcel Dzama. © 2009

смотреть до конца.))))

подскажите, что за трэки..

[club71758955|FSG EXO ONE] Архив переводов, русские субтитры.
Над видео работали: [id20827310|Rehyun], [id330663927|Lilya], [id192166204|Baby Baek].

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The Song of the Uprising of the People of Turkey Against the Dicta Regime
Turkiye Halkinin Dikta Rejimine Karsi Ayaklanisinin Sarkisi


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Music: Maximum The Hormone - What's Up, People?
Всё по Dragon Ball (серии, манга, картинки, инфа, музыка)

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Justin Timberlake 's NEW Single, "SUIT TIE"

Directed by Jeremy Mooney

Radio for the People is an all-male vocal group dedicated to sincere artistic expression through music and entertainment. Inspired by their cultural diversity, RFTP sets out to create music that will touch people from every walk of life. With the name Radio (the most innovative invention of its' time) for the Pe

For our Gazan brothas and sistas, and all those trapped up under this fucked up rain. Freedom n justice----peace long overdue come soon.

Filmed by Paul Evans.

Z-People Art FairyTail

The Spirit of Apollo, out now!

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I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG" for copyright reasons

Bruce Blanchard 8 tv Present


People, people talk, other people shut their mouth, people make us happy, other make us sad, we have souvenirs and laugh with people we hide ourselves,
because we don't want to see people, we share moments with peopel... we forget people... peopel come people go...
peopel hurt us but in the mean time make us stronger

From Jay-z : Unplugged Album

Prostransvo Z edition party at Kazantip 2013<br/><br/>

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Рок-группа Дикие Люди (the Wild People'z) г.Киев - That's All Right Mama

Learn your ABC with animal names and hear their sounds with the Fisher Price Little People A to Z Learning Zoo Playset.

See a letter, say the ani...

There is still good people in the world!
O Değil de, İyi İnsanlar İyi ki Varsınız :)

Diğer videolar için takip edin :)


Coach Z's hit from the album Strong Bad Sings "These People Try To Fade Me"

Heck yeah.

КаZантип 2004

Chris Brown VMA 2011 Kanye West Jay-Z Otis © RYAN SEACREST PRODUCTIONS ® Lil Wayne How To Love Live Yeah 3X Beautiful People VMAS VMA's HD Chris Brown VMA 2011 Kanye West Jay-Z Otis Look At Me Now Ft Lil Wayne Video Music Awards Live VMAS Chris Brown VMA 2011 Look At Me Now Ft Lil Wayne She Will Drake Headlines Video Music Awards Live VMA's She Ain't You "Chris Brown" "Chris Brown VMA 2011" "Chris Brown Video Music Awards" "Chris Brown Live" "Lil Wayne" "Lil Wayne How To Love" "Lil Wayne She Will" Tha Carter Four "Tha Carter 4" "How To Love" Lyrics "Lil Wayne VMA 2011" "Video Music Awards 2011" Performance "Next To You" Justin Bieber "Next 2 You" Yeah 3X "I Can Transform Ya"

Tha Carter 4 Four Tracklist
Blunt Blowin
"6 Foot 7 Foot" ft. Cory Gunz
Nightmares of the Bottom
She Will ft. Drake
How to Hate ft. T

Jose Antonio Vargas talks about his favorite Beyoncé and Jay Z song. Watch ‘White People’ on Wednesday, July 22nd at 8/7c on MTV. For more info, check out http://www.lookdifferent.org/whitepeople.

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официально об ивенте.

Пробовали снять фильм на тему... но на начальном периоде сьёмок камера приказала долго жить... вот то что удалось наклепать из рабочих материалов. В коментах пишите кто какие ляпы увидел)))) их много ролик собран из разных дублей в которых не соблюдалось удержание картинки)))

оО есть чё?

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отрывок фильма Романа Курмашева "Z-people"

IGORKING presents: Perspex People feat. S.U.Z.Y - I Thank You (Groove Motion Classic Remix)

очередная наша вечеринка в fashion pre party Restaurant)
как всегда было весело и круто!!!
радовали музней Electrocat и Andre Budassi

Совместная тренировка по страйкболу.

старенький ролик, но интерестный:)

tear jerker... boy has he grown up so much.. T.T

rough subs done (and minor tweaks and corrections done!) I hope the timing is okie.. =.= I may come back to tweak this.. but for now.. rest!!

Developers were doing a live stream Christmas event. Their plan was to take everyone to Boulder City. We made it about 5 steps out of the safe zone.

C-Walk Since:2 1/2 Month
Video Location:Bamberg (Germany)

Comment,Rate Enjoy :P

After TMZ guy claimed that Irish people didn't even know who Jay Z and Beyonce were, we thought it right to rectify the situation. Here's what the Irish people actually did... Because they're sound.

A perfect day in Izmir, American' indigenous people, Indians perform in street.
İzmir'de harika bir gün, sokakta Kızılderililer canlı konser havası yaşatıyordu.
Qızıldərililər yəni bizim dildə desək Çinqəçuklar Türkiyənin İzmir şəhərində kayfavatlıq eliyirdilər.
Идеальный день в Измире, американские «коренные народы, индейцы выполнения концерт на улице.

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HoşGeldiniz .. Keyifli seyirler..

Первое видео снятое Z-People в далёком 2004 году. Большинство участников к сожалению уже выпали из поля деятельности Z-People.

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Kazantip Z-Games Day 1 -- People

ペプシネックスTVCM People篇(30sec)

B'z 18th Album 「C'mon」 2011.7.27 on sale

B'z Official Website

качество можно выставить любое

I put it up already but this version is clearer and doesn't have Kay Slay talking over it. As such, from "UnPlugged," Hova is on with "I Hear The People Talking."

22.10.2010\Zвук рвал фотоаппарат!!!:))
7января оЧЕредня встреча КаZантипЧИКво:))Spb и ВСЕХ друZей !!!!....подробности чутка поZже...!!!:))

Show Club "Панорама"
Школьная вечеринка в стиле "Весь апрель никому не верь."

Катя Лефлер♥

Одна из моих первых работ в ParticleIllusion

Рок-группа Дикие Люди (the Wild People'z) г.Киев - Smoke on the water

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люди из джунглей...))) → promodj.com/zamutt

Wilderness at the smokies resort
Summer 2014

26 апреля 2015г.
г. Ростов-на-Дону

Chelle people TV:

Chelle people crew:

8 и 15 августа 2015г. - БИТВА ЛЕТА 2015:

готовимся в сансету

Sestřih z prvního dne - Rock for People 2012

video by VideoBrothers - http://www.facebook.com/videobrothers

My second video about Jack Frost! Yaay!
Because I am REALLY obsessed with him. REALLY.
Hope you enjoy it ♥

Character: Jack Frost (ROTG)
Song: ZERO by Varsity
Edited by: Meeeee *yay* with: Sony Vegas Pro 10.0<br/><br/>

Поповка 2015 будет жарко
D15 coming soon.......

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We caught up with Joey Bada$$ before his show in London town to see what he thought about some of the comments left on his video "Hardknock." Is Hip Hop coming back? Or are we coming back to Hip Hop?


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1 место в номинации Street Show, Formation, команды Jazz Hand на Чел'z Extreme Games Belarus 2013

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Квест от Peopl'овЛивнЯ в рамках проэкта Городские Игры Z-people
главное - смотреть на одном дыхании от самого начала до самого конца
З.Ы. огромное спасибо Бобру за проделанную работу!

Флешмоб в Запорожье 19.09.2009

Moja pierwsza praca w Windows Movie Maker ;) Oceńcie ;)

26 июля в Fashion будет сниматься еще один ролик! Приглашаем всех желающих стать ZвеZдами к нам на пати)))))

People=Shit - Slipknot - guitar cover by Z-iN

Schecter diamond series HELLRAISER C-7 FR
Drop B tuning : B-F#(Gb)-B-E-G#(Ab)-C#(Db)-x(E) 7 strings guitar

ZOOM G9.2tt patch : b5-3(NotSubtl)

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Театр современной хореографии «D.O.Z.SK.I» (Минск) Выступление на Славянском базаре в Витебске 2012 год. Евгений Литвинкович Sweet people

Theater of Modern Choreography «D.O.Z.SK.I» (Minsk) Performance at Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk 2012. Eugene Litvinkovich

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OZORA Festival psychedelik tribal festival 2011. photographed and edited by Tom Gömör (Gömör Tamás)

Нехилый такой флэшбэк из прошлого. Промо на открытие посольства КаZантипа в Барнауле.

Reż., scen.: Mariusz Olbrychowski Zdj.: Tomasz Wieczorek Muz.: Krzesimir Dębski Montaż: Maciej Ożóg Prod.: TaT International, Hollywood, USA, Jarosław Olbrychowski, 2006 56' min. Dokument filmowy poruszający kwestie znane z „Medalionów" Zofii Nałkowskiej. Eksperymenty prof. Spannera z wykorzystaniem ludzkiego tłuszczu do produkcji mydła znalazły potwierdzenie naukowe.

A R I Z O N A - People Crying Every Night
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Savaşın, insanların, politikanın kötülüğün kol gezdiği eskiyi özleten şu dünyada, iyi insanların hala varolduğunu bilmek çok güzel. Sokak kapısının açıldığı ipi kapı deliğinden dışarı bırakıp komşularına güvenmeyi özleyen, geceleri kapı önlerinde eskisi gibi çekirdek yemek isteyen, mahalle çeşmesinden mahalle maçından sonra kana kana su içmeyi,arabaların arkasına takılıp,geceleri zile bas kaç oynamayı özleyenlerin, iyi insanların yeri olmalı dünya..

РЕМИКС БЫЛ СОЗДАН Deniz Z на Sak Noel- Loca People.

Видео о том как примерно делают ремиксы или треки которые вы можете услышать на радио и в клубах , но есть одно но, виртуальных студий в наше время достаточно это к примеру, Cubase, Reasone, Logic, FL studio, Ableton и кому как удобней тот так и творит Ремикс был сделан на FL studio при поддержке синтезаторов...Не важно какая это студия,что бы не говорили, ГЛАВНОЕ РУКИ ,ФАНТАЗИЯ, И ХОРОШИЕ СИНТЫ!!!