Zee Avi - Concrete Wall

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this is peacefully brilliant. it certainly makes you 'bom-sha-clack-clack" all the way till the song reaches the last second. Song is from Zee's latest album - Ghostbird.

Original by Zee Avi.
Remix by Andrew Maury.

Malaysian singer Zee Avi returns with her ukelele and sweet songs. We get a taste of what's to come at KCRW's benefit show in December-- when she joins Morning Becomes Eclectic. Watch / Listen to the full session here: http://www.kcrw.com/music/programs/mb/mb111018zee_avi

Zee Avi and band performing "Concrete Wall" at Highline Ballroom, show #3 of the 2011 Ghostbird tour. Shot with 8mm fisheye. Can you spot all the times I had to climb over the other photographer? I apologize for the terrible camera work, but this NEEDS to be seen by the interweb masses... So amazing. Boom Sha-Clack-Clack.

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Directed by Jason Baum This video would not be possible without the support of: Tom Haga Surfaces (http://www.concretewall.no) Odylyne (http://odylyne.com) LA Fabricatiors (http://lafabricators.com) Camera Control (http://cameracontrol.com) DP: Ryan Carmody Production Designer: Ethan Feldbau Editor: Arianna Tomasettig Make Up / Hair: Leah Dempsey Stylist: Laura Francis Choreography: Ryan Heffington Co-Producer: Leah Dempsey Co-Producer: Rose Krane 1st AD: Brand Birtwistle 1

Сontemporary studios in Dance Centre Myway Kiev.
Choreography by Artem Gozhy (Артем Гожий).
Music: Zee Avi - Concrete Wall.

woo first video of 2013! Okay so big apology for being so erratic in my uploads, i've just been having a big creative block where i didn't really even want to sing because my voice would just annoy me and just not be good enough for my personal standards. Anyway, since Lousie is here we're going to be doing another artistic film music video project thing within the next 3 months which im excited for so basically this year im going to try to be more consistant with my uploads and focus a little mroe on the u

4. Concrete Wall - Zee Avi
Album: Ghostbird

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla


RAC's amazing remix of "Concrete Wall" by Zee Avi.