Zoe Jakes on the importance of practice and drills for fusion bellydancers

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Zoe Jakes: "The problem is that you get good at something and you stop practicing it. So you gotta keep practicing. All the times. And this is also -- I like to think of this as the spine of my personal creative practice. this is not "it", it's not like "okay I'm done I can go live my regular life," it's not like that at all. This is, what I do and how I approach a dance class is I want people to feel like they really accomplished something and they've really gotten into their bodies. So this isn't like my concept-based classes, they're completely different. But in this particular situation the goal is to get you moving in your bodies and stop thinking, cause I think...that always, that's the strongest resistance that we have. Is, is our brains getting in the ways of our bodies...

"So, again, create a simple practice and don't question whether its too easy. Don't question whet