american horror story crack # 1

- crack done for my entartainment, obviously I DO NOT hate any single character -

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I was inspired by hurleybirdprod's American Horror Story Crack vid, you should check her's out it's phenomenal.

Songs ( in Order) :
Adams Family Theme Song
Hamlet - Sassy Gay Friend
Great Day - The Lonely Island
I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry
Ghostbuster's Theme Song
Lucky - Britney Spears
Who are You? - The Who
Fuck You - Cee Lo Green

Sometimes this show gets so under my skin. I get way too invested in it. Which means I'm super depressed all the time haha. Lets face it there are very few bright spots on this show. So that's why I thought it might be fun to make a little crack!vid for AHS. I always find comedy to be subjective so hopefully you all will think this is funny because its what I thought might be funny. Enjoy!

Also, the Like A Boss part was totally and completely influenced by this epic video. Check it out if you love Lost (

There are some excess flashes. Blame the program for this.
I know, I'm hilarious. Not really.

Thanks for watching!