an art: Kenichi Ebina Performs an Epic Matrix - Style Martial Arts Dance - America's Got Talent, Kenichi Ebina Performs an Epic Matrix- Style Martial Arts
an art

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Танцор шокировал зрителей шоу талантов, "уронив" свою голову

38-летний танцор из Токио произвел настоящий фурор на одном из самых популярных в США шоу America`s Got Talent 2013 ("Америка ищет таланты"). Кениши Эбина исполнил "танец робота", вдохновившись спецэффектами из фильма "Матрица".

Видеозапись номера была выложена на официальный... -канал конкурса и собрала практически 200 тысяч просмотров всего за сутки. В комментариях многие пользователи отметили, что это самое лучшее выступление за всю историю программы.

Красивый клип про Билла из рисунков Аллегатора.


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You've never seen dancing done like this! From his head fall to his Matrix-style moves, Kenichi Ebina will blow your mind!
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Группа в контакте Art and cat
Вступай! Обновления, каждый день!!!)))

Япония. Реставрация керамики и других сосудов в Японии. Ролик на английском языке<br/><br/>

Imagined, painted, modelled, photographed & edited by Elvis Schmoulianoff

Pour celles qui ne connaîtraient pas encore cette technique de peinture, je vous présente le « One Stroke », technique qui permet de peindre facilement et rapidement des fleurs des feuilles et d'autres motifs avec un dégradé de couleur, mais en un seul coup de pinceau.

Bien que cette technique semble relativement simple, il vous faudra de la patience, beaucoup de pratique, et du coaching pour réussir à la maitriser correctement!

Pour réaliser ce « Nail Art », j’ai utilisé :
- Peinture acrylique de marqu

Final image:
Time Taken 4 hours 52 minutes.

The idea:

The idea was to have the girl painting whatever i chose to manipulate. That was still the final idea but it co-en sided with the 'eye for art' aspect which i thought was a good idea. This project took along time to gather the images but i believe it came out well and i hope you think so too. Dont forget to visit my deviant.

Angelina Jolie presenting the Oscar® for Art Direction for "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" to Grant Major, Dan Hennah and Alan Lee at the 76th Academy Awards in 2004.

You've never seen dancing done like this! From his head fall to his Matrix-style moves, Kenichi Ebina will blow your mind!

Author: #TomPrante

Final image:

On YouTube:

И еще много интересных видео и артов здесь - :з

Reach into the depths of your creative imagination to design an original piece of illustrated art for #slipknot. Details here:

Your invited to this year's Art in the Afternoon event hosted by me!! The event benefits the organization I do a lot of work for call A Window Between Worlds! Art in the Afternoon is Sunday, May 4th from 12-4 in Venice California! The whole Dog With a Blog cast (including the dog, Mick) will be there signing autographs and taking pictures. Plus- there are tons of fun games, great music, juggling lessons, Mint Nail Polish, and an In-n-Out Burger food truck!!! Go to to get your tickets today! Kids 12

Manuel Liñan PREMIO MAX 2013 Artes Escenicas Mejor interprete de baile masculino

Понравилось? Подпишись! :-) - Все классные AMV в одном месте! ^_^

Два молодых детектива преследуют таинственного преступника, прозванного Художником. Этот безумный маньяк похищает и калечит людей «художественным» способом, потому что понять шедевр искусства можно только проходя через ад.

Кино Online! Большая коллекция фильмов HD качества!
Фильм приложения
Сайт Кино Online!

I talked while I worked on this one as it was a page I did in honor of my father who past away on February 17, 2015 and I just had some things to say. It was very therapeutic but its not sad so I hope you find it uplifting in some way. I used Designs by Ryn stamps for the tear drops. They are some of my favorite Designs by Ryn stamps. The link is below for where to find those.
I hope you enjoyed this page and found it inspiring.

Ryn's store:

Raindrop Set - http://design

I'm Michael and I'm working to promote raving as an art form. I am hosting a lightshow contest called Raving is an Art on, and anyone that is a raver should enter the contest! The way to win is to have the most votes on your video. I'd love to see your videos in the contest! This ends on August 31!

Rusko -Ravers Special

2 MaxLight 27 mode orbit

Just having a bit of fun recording my orbit

Check out the video and tell me what you think!

So far, the list of Comic Conventions we will be attending for 2015 are:

ECCC: Seattle, WA - March 27-29
Megacon: Orlando, FL - April 10-12
Awesome Con: Washington D.C. - May 29-31
Heroes Con: Charlotte, NC - June 19-21
Boston Comic Con: Boston MA - July 31 - August 2

Hopefully I can get enough artists to complete this project!

If you know any artists attending the comic conventions listed above, it would be great if you shared this video

Kathakali is a highly stylized classical Indian dance-drama noted for the attractive make-up of characters, elaborate costumes, detailed gestures and well-defined body movements presented in tune with the anchor playback music and complementary percussion. The makeup alone can create the super human effect. It takes nearly three to four hours to complete the make-up which is done in stages, and the duration varies according to the character and complexity of the costume. All the colours used in the make-up

Sara Renzulli shows in detail how to create an eye on your needle felted sculpture, using an owl project to demonstrate this technique. Learn how to blend colors for a more realistic adaptation of the eye, along with how to shade and brighten areas of the iris. I'd recently been asked by Ed Lee of WI, how can he help his grandson and daughter learn to paint. We put together this short video lesson which shows how to paint a simple snow scene in acrylics that anyone could use to teach any child they know. Let us know what you think of this video art lesson. And you don't have to be an instructor to learn how to teach your children or grandchildren. Any age, any skill level. In our DVD series, Teach Kids To Paint, we show how

Richard Meyer, Associate Professor, Art History and Fine Arts
Director, The Contemporary Project University of Southern California

Contemporary art in the early twenty-first century is often discussed as though it were a radically new phenomenon unmoored from history. Yet all works of art were once contemporary to the artist and culture that produced them. Here Richard Meyer reclaims the contemporary from historical amnesia, exploring episode

Hiii guys! I just love doodle so much haha, I think it's really beautiful so I thought why not make a video were I show you how I do it and stuff so I did. And here it is. I really hope you like it and if you do, don't forget to press the like button and subscribe for more! Please leave a comment while you're at it, haha xx
Twitter: @MrsHoran0723 ----- btw, if you read this, finish your comment with ''Strawberry''

After celebrating 10 years in the business in 2013, Cadenza Records reach another milestone in a stretch that has made a big impact both on the musical and nightclubbing landscapes.

The 100th release from Cadenza comes, aptly, from label boss Luciano. Reviving his Lucien-N-Luciano moniker especially for the occasion, the label will release ‘Grace Of An Art’ on 16th March 2015, on 12" single (including a bonus CD of the track "Timeless Song For The Lovers Of The Morning Enlightenment") and digtial download - Your name in photography of nature and architecture. Beautiful Real Art™ Photo Letter Art Photography! Create a Personalized Alphabet

Photography Gift they'll love. Rated #1 Unique Gift! More Videos Visit:


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America's Got Talent is back at Radio City Music Hall! Join host Nick Cannon and judges Howard Stern,
Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B in NYC for the live shows!

Urushi Art Jewelry ZIVA
Piano Jewelry

Больше видеозаписей на странице Глена Гульда -

It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it. (c)

Music: Blackmill - The Drift
The Japanese Popstars ft. James Vincent McMorrow - Shells Of Silver

This project is a non-profit, and does not violate copyright laws!
All rights to all footage remain courtesy of their respective owners, © 2013

Americas got Talent -- Kenichi Ebina Performs an Epic Matrix Style Martial Arts Dance


SUBSCRIBE HERE! In this sample art lesson, Justin BUA teaches you how to draw the ear. Members of BUA's online art school get access to his complete library of online art lessons on everything you need to know about how to draw: drawing, acrylic painting, figure, portraits, landscapes, still life, color, perspective, light and much more.

Whenever you have questions you can submit a video of your technique to BUA and he responds with a video providing personalized feedback. Everyone in the

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See how to make edible pencils / crayons as cake toppers for your kids arts & crafts cake or as edible makeup pencils for your makeup bag cake. Great for a kids arts & crafts birthday party. I used fondant here but you could also use this method with modelling clay, modelling chocolate, marzipan and play dough for fun.

Link to my Pink Cake Princess channel:
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Bobo Ashanti music Reggae Dancehal Ragga

Все самые смешные Азербайджанские приколы, интересные вести, приятная музыка, национальные фильмы и, конечно же, самый дружный коллектив :)

For more details and to help fund this project, visit us on Kickstarter:

An inside look at how Sunbreak Games developed the art style of their upcoming project for tablet/mobile, "Buddy & Me". Featuring artists Gene Lange and Andrew Brinkworth.

Filmed by Two Frame Films (
All content Copyright 2013 Sunbreak Games (

Learn More:

See the 10 time Academy Award Nominated film in theaters now!

Every art exhibit needs an opening party… and this is Joe’s. When the curtains were drawn from the Temple of Enthusiam’s gallery, crowds flocked in to admire his inspiring show. No one had ever seen anything quite like it. Throughout the night the bloke from Brixton did his best to avoid the spotlight, but there was no denying that he was smack bang in the middle of it. We here at the Temple feel incredibly lucky to have gotten to know Joe during his month spent here as resident artist, and we look forward

Jeremy Evans jumps over his own artwork to create a masterpiece of a dunk. Visit for more highlights.

I: Introducing the Console

1. Prologue
2. Introduction

II: Ins and Outs

3. Patchbays
4. Getting Signals
5. Console Tour

III: The SSL Duality Console

6. Meterbridge
7. Channel Input
8. Compressor
9. Gate/Expander

IV: The Duality's EQ & FX

10. EQ/Filter
11. Channel Output
12. FX Sends
13. Channel Pan & D-Pots
14. Channel Fader

V: SSL Duality Centre Section

15. Part 1
16. Part 2
17. Part 3
18. Part 4
19. Part 5
20. Automation

VI: A Smaller Console

21. Small Analogue Console Tour



Всё видео делал своими руками,
видео делалось на сервере Dream-World [RP]
Кому интересно IP:
Автор: Jordan Cooler.

PS: Это не реклама сервера, видео сделано чисто ради удовольствия.

пробная работа со спецэффектами)

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A quattro mesi di distanza dal concerto all’Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma, la popstar russa torna in Italia per la premiere del videoclip del singolo “An Invitation”, girato in uno degli alberghi più eleganti della capitale, il The Church Palace.
Si intitola An Invitation il secondo singolo, estratto dall’album "This Is Who I Am" di Lena Katina, la popstar russa che, insieme alla sua coetanea Yulia Volkova, dominò giovanissima la scena pop mondiale dei primi anni 2000 con il mitico duo t.A.T.u. vend

Callas: Pure. The new collection of the diva's most beloved arias, remastered from her original tapes in 24bit/96kHz for the first time.
Buy now on Amazon:
Download from iTunes:
Although Maria Callas died, aged just 53, as long ago as September 1977, she remains an icon: as a supreme singing-actress; as a celebrity, and as a woman of great style and elegance. The epitome of the operatic diva, the American-born Greek soprano is recognised as

Filmed with a GoPro3 Black Edition camera
XXYYXX - About You

Each one of us is a debater, whether we know it or not. From the time we wake up, to the time we go to sleep, we are constantly debating.

In this episode of PODIUM, former debate champions and top-ranked coaches explain what it takes to become a master debater at any level and discuss the life-long benefits of honing this important public speaking skill. Follow their advice and never back down from a verbal duel again.

Check out THNKR!

Watch PODIUM playlist:

My student was recently hired as concept artist for a leading game studio. In this video, he shares his inspiring journey, all the way from humble beginnings to his very first job. This video will hopefully provide a sneak peek into the competitive concept art industry, and the hard work, long hours and persistence needed to succeed. Please share this video if you found it helpful!

In this video, I talk about my own criteria for choosing a pixel art editor, and take a look at six different programs. These programs are:

* Photoshop -
* GIMP -
* Krita -
* pixeditor -
* Graphics Gale -
* Pro Motion -

Clickteam Fusion Community:

WeSpeakFootball : Controlling The Ball Is An Art ● Ronaldinho, Zidane & Dennis Bergkamp HD

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I must state that in NO way, shape or form am I intending to infringe rights of the copyri

"Профессионал в своем деле - всегда волшебник, даже если это торговец сахарной ватой".

the legendary piece of art - where two robots sprayed the paint all over on the white tube dress, SPECTACULAR!

You39ve never seen dancing done like this From his head fall to his Matrix-style moves, Kenichi Ebina will blow your mindSubscribe Now for More AGT fullscIlBBvKGet more America39s Got Talent nbc americas-got-talentFull Episodes nbc americas-got-talenLike AGT s nbcagtFollow AGT s nbcagtAGT Tumblr nbcagttumblr AGT Google s plusgoogle nbcagtpostsAGT on Pinterest fullscLMUw0UAGT Instagram instagram nbcagtLike NBC Facebook NBCFollow NBC Twitter NBCNBC Tumblr NBCtvtumblr NBC Pinterest Pinterest NBCtvNBC Google s

Cate Blanchett presenting the Oscar® for Art Direction to Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo for "Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" at the 80th Academy Awards in 2008. Hosted by Jon Stewart.

Music "Bad Guitar" by KaCe The Producer


~ 7 hours real time


More details at:

Nudist woman shows her body as an Art.She represents the way of how people were born as naked body art painting session. We can't hide the way how we were born!

Анимированный арт и немного психодела. Мастерски.

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An extraordinary find! An early twentieth century example of cookie movie-making, still with its original music, discovered, and remastered by Honeycat Cookies!

To see more of my work visit:
or view my blog at

Music: original 1909 Edison cylinder recording of 'The Prima Donna' by The Victor Herbert Orchestra

Спортивный гид Киева "СпортГид"
Теперь вы знаете, где в Киеве найти активность!

Спортивная гимнастика в Киеве

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do string art. String art is a craft that is easy and fun. You can be so creative with it and the ideas are endless. I used to do this when I was a young child so I know that this is an easy craft for kids. It will teach them hand-eye coordination. String art is a great way to relax. So give this art a try. It will be so worth it. Thank you so much for watching.

What you will need:
*Scrap wood *Small nails-I used wire nails 18x3/4" or 1.2mm x 19.0mm *Hammer *Plier

Jonathan Meese believes that art can be anything you want it to be, no matter if it's made from paint and paintbrush or ice cream and hair.

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In this lesson we create a quick fun and easy painting of an expressionistic purple flower, using acrylic paints and modelling paste.
So grab your Mont Marte art materials and lets get into it!

Charles commenced his art studies in Nantes, before moving to Paris.

View his available works and learn more at

His highly developed technical skills became his trademark, evident initially among his anatomical plates, used for teaching medical students. He continued to paint nudes and still life, the latter which he is probably best known for, combining his faultless technique with a soft muted palette. Whether his subject matter is the cottages of B

In this episode of Mixed Media Monday videos, I show yo how to create an Art Doll from wire, copper mesh, vintage lace and Spellbinders Media Mixage Hatpins ! For more ideas check out my website at

I am especially fond of dress forms and decided to take this a step further and create an art doll. There are no wrong ways to create this doll as each one is unique and special in its own way. It's a great way to create using bits and pieces that you have from other projects.

In her first person armature tutorial, Sara Renzulli showed you how to use aluminum wire to build an armature for figure sculptures. In this more in-depth tutorial, Sara will show how to use a ratio of head to body size to keep your sculpture in proper proportions. She will also demonstrate how to bend the head of the armature so that wrapping and sculpting the face is easy as pie. Okay, not exactly easy as pie...but this approach to creating faces is revolutionary. It will make your felting-a-face expe

Dokumentation vom 01.10.2013

DIE GRENZEN DES WACHSTUMS UND DAS BESSERE LEBEN In einem Selbstversuch will die Journalistin Karin de Miguel Wessendorf herausfinden, wie zukunftsfähig ihr eigener Lebensstil ist. In Deutschland, Frankreich, Spanien und England geht sie der Jahrhundertfrage nach: Wie können wir trotz begrenzter Ressourcen einen Lebensstandard aufrechterhalten?

Weiterführende Informationen:

Der Raubtier-Kapitalismus schneidet sich ins eigene Fleisch. Die A

For Julie. Happy Birthday!!!
Music: "I left my heart in San Francisco" piano Jose Mª Armenta
Glasgow School:
Arts and Crafts:

Robert Anning Bell (14 April 1863-1933) was an English artist and designer.

He was born in London in 1863, the son of Robert George Bell, a cheesemonger, and Mary Charlotte Knight. He studi

DIY How to fold an origami kusudama flower ball (arts/crafts) - EASY - Easter Crafts -

A project you can do at home when you have some spare time. Makes a great gift, too! Happy folding! :-)

Check out my other origami/crafts/DIY tutorials at:

how I made the yarn "Watercolours" - to be found for sale in my Etsy store

[club32237284|Лучшие и любимые мультфильмы]
[club24230705|Самая Лучшая Невеста, Жена и Мама ✔]
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DJ Mars travels to Brooklyn, NY to talk to Mixtape DJ J Period and Designer Fuse Green to discuss the process of creating some classic mixtape art.

Martial Art and Sports.

In which we go to The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri, and give you some pointers on how to visit an art museum. Seems easy enough, but there are ways to maximize your experience. What are your museum tricks and tips? Let's talk about it in the comments!

Many thanks to The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art for giving us access to their wonderful institution. Their admission is free, but they can only do this because of donations and memberships. So while we joke that you should

Kathakali is a highly stylized classical Indian dance-drama noted for the attractive make-up of characters, elaborate costumes, detailed gestures and well-defined body movements presented in tune with the anchor playback music and complementary percussion. The training session for Kathakali would include painful exercises. These exercises prepare the body for the tiring performances. The point of flexibility and stress on the muscle, shifts during the course of the exercise-movement or sadhakam, which enabl

Founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,The Art of Living is an educational and humanitarian movement engaged in stress-management and service initiatives. The organization operates globally in 152 countries and has touched the lives of over 370 million people

The programs are guided by Sri Sri's philosophy of peace: "Unless we have a stress-free mind and a violence-free society, we cannot achieve world peace." To help individuals get rid of stress and experience inner peace, The Art of Living offers stres

This video takes you through the process of creating an authentic Tibetan Rug brought to you by Ziga Rugs.
It starts with the first stage of the carding and spinning of the wool into yarn to the hand knotting of the rug on the loom through to the finishing stages.
The making of Tibetan Rugs is an age-old tradition originating in Tibet which is now predominantly produced in Nepal due to the immigration of Tibetan refugees into Nepal.
Although it is often known as Nepalese Rugs, us Tibetans prefer to giv

An interview with a world specialist of Indian, the Himalayas and South East Asia Art, former Curator of Boston Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Art Institute of Chicago... and prolific author. Filmed in Brussels at Costermans during the lectures series organized by Asian Art in Brussels and Brussels Ancient Art Fairs. An interview directed and edited by Matthieu Wolmark, Produced by Olga Polunin and Matthieu Wolmark (BIAPAL asbl) for Asian Art in Brussels and Brussels Ancient Art Fair.

Hi! I have recently decided to show you some of my working process. Take a look at this webdesign speedart. Storno is an account office from Znin in Poland. The whole concept, as well as some of the sketches were formed offline. The video is only the part of the job made in Photoshop. The goal was to create a super- clean and minimalistic website, basing on the Twitter Bootstrap 3 grid system.

Check out my portfolio at

Music by Dan-O at
For more details, please visit:

A visual experience of how saddles are made from start to finish by Peter Horobin Saddlery. Saddle making is an art to be perfected and at Peter Horobin Saddlery we are all about perfection and quality. the finest leathers are used to make our saddles and we are proud to carry on the tradition of saddle making to the second generation. Enjoy the imagery and the sounds that are a part of making custom made saddle.

Glenn Gould An Art of the Fugue