an art: Kenichi Ebina Performs an Epic Matrix - Style Martial Arts Dance - America's Got Talent, Kenichi Ebina Performs an Epic Matrix- Style Martial Arts
an art

Ролики которые взрывают интернет!:

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The Television Academy Of Arts And Sciences' Hosts An Evening With "Game Of Thrones" on March 19, 2013 - TCL Chinese Theatre - Hollywood, California, United States

Красивый клип про Билла из рисунков Аллегатора.

the legendary piece of art - where two robots sprayed the paint all over on the white tube dress, SPECTACULAR!

Производство -- /
Режиссер -- Силаев Илья
Оператор -- Белов Денис
2ой режиссер -- Жихарев Петр
В кадре -- Антонов Юрий
Special Thanks -- Обмочевскому Юрию =)<br/><br/>


Видео добавлено группой

Видео группы "Прекрасный Джереми Реннер" -

For more details and to help fund this project, visit us on Kickstarter:

An inside look at how Sunbreak Games developed the art style of their upcoming project for tablet/mobile, "Buddy & Me". Featuring artists Gene Lange and Andrew Brinkworth.

Filmed by Two Frame Films (
All content Copyright 2013 Sunbreak Games (

I: Introducing the Console

1. Prologue
2. Introduction

II: Ins and Outs

3. Patchbays
4. Getting Signals
5. Console Tour

III: The SSL Duality Console

6. Meterbridge
7. Channel Input
8. Compressor
9. Gate/Expander

IV: The Duality's EQ & FX

10. EQ/Filter
11. Channel Output
12. FX Sends
13. Channel Pan & D-Pots
14. Channel Fader

V: SSL Duality Centre Section

15. Part 1
16. Part 2
17. Part 3
18. Part 4
19. Part 5
20. Automation

VI: A Smaller Console

21. Small Analogue Console Tour

I. Introducing the Console:

1. Prologue
2. Introduction

II. Ins and Outs:

3. Patchbays
4. Getting Signals To And From The Console
5. Tour

III. The SSL Duality Console:

6. Meterbridge
7. Channel Input
8. Compressor
9. Gate/Expander

IV. The Duality's EQ & FX:

10. EQ/Filter
11. Channel Output
12. FX Sends
13. Channel Pan & D-Pots
14. Channel Fader

V. Centre Section:

15. Part 1
16. Part 2
17. Part 3
18. Part 4
19. Pt. 5
20. Automation

VI. A Smaller Console:

21. Small Analogue Console Tour

All art, visual effects, and background music in "The Discovery" is © Fellixe Productions (Tiffany Harris), Dec. 2011. All rights reserved.

A HUGE thanks to my amazing best friend/boyfriend Jamison Arjay for composing the background music.

"The Discovery" is a cartoon animation that I completed for the my final project in my Visual Communications class at Indiana Wesleyan University. My goal was to show the importance of art through a cute yet true animation on how art helps to develop ch

Warm up visual - Pre- Mixtape
Directed by Lifestyle Hudson
Produced by Kidart

this is my battle amv vs Devilxnarut0o i hope you like it

anime : naruto
song: 1: Celldweller Switchback (2001 BEST Remix) 2: i dont know

Choreography/idea: Tatiana Kanaeva, art-studio "BROADWAY", excerpts of an opening number for Orenburg Vodokanal

13 ноября с 21 до 6 утра
Che Royal Factory
Полтавская 3
не пропусти Арт вечеринку!

You've never seen dancing done like this! From his head fall to his Matrix-style moves, Kenichi Ebina will blow your mind!

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An experiment in stop motion body art by Elvis Schmoulianoff - one of our Happy Slap Boutique Makeup Artists

Painted is an experiment in stop motion face & body painting that plays with the idea of giving paint it's own life and personality on a living canvas. The whole project was initially inspired by MUTO - the incredible stop motion graffiti video by BLU.

For more information on the artist, take a look at or for more on Happy Slap Boutique and the body pai

Actress Tilda Swinton was honored by the Museum of Modern Art's 6th annual Film Benefit in New York on Tuesday (November 5).

On the red carpet, she revealed it took her a long time to accept the honor.

"They asked me about it awhile ago and I kind of had to talk myself in to it, but the fact that it is for such an amazing cause, you know, the film archive here and the film department which not only brings on new work but also conserves old film for generations. They got me over a barrel becaus

Pole Dance - Eva Bembo - Exotic Is not An Art
Pole Dance Show 2013

pole dance video awards

Кино Online! Большая коллекция фильмов HD качества!
Фильм приложения
Сайт Кино Online!

В главной роли Элисон Кэрролл (AlisonCarroll).
Два молодых детектива преследуют таинственного преступника, прозванного Художником. Этот безумный маньяк похищает и калечит людей «художественным» способом, потому что понять шедевр искусства можно только проходя через ад.

Author: #TomPrante

Final image:

On YouTube:

Самое интересное о музыке:

Япония. Реставрация керамики и других сосудов в Японии. Ролик на английском языке<br/><br/>

You've never seen dancing done like this! From his head fall to his Matrix-style moves, Kenichi Ebina will blow your mind!Начинать смотреть с 1:30

Группа в контакте Art and cat
Вступай! Обновления, каждый день!!!)))

Even GODS will fail to score when Paolo Maldini and Alessandro Nesta is guarding the goal!!!
Paolo Maldini

Date of birth: 1968-06-26
Place of birth: Milano
Role: Defender
Date of debut 1985-01-21
Match debut Udinese - Milan 1-1
Competition debut Serie A
Serie A appearances 648
Goals in Serie A 29
Total appearances 902
Total goals 33

7 Scudetti (1987/88, 1991/92, 1992/93, 1993/94, 1995/96, 1998/99, 200

Voici un petit speed art, ou je sculpte en partant d'une sphère un personnage complexe grâce à la topologie dynamique intégrée à Blender 2.66.
Si vous appréciez mon travail et souhaitez m'encourager, n'hésitez pas à aimer, commenter et vous abonner à ma chaîne ! Merci.

Ma chaîne personnelle, ou les vidéos sont uploadées en priorité :

If Crime Is An Art #coub #coubsWorld Лучшие коубы каждый день

Creativity under constraint, sound judgment in uncertain environments, rigorous thinking amid complex ideas -- these are the skills taught by the arts. Dan Roam contends that these skills are needed more than ever in business and politics. Dan is the founder and president of Digital Roam Inc., a management-consulting firm that uses visual thinking to solve complex problems. Roam received two degrees at the University of California, Santa Cruz: fine art and biology. This combination of art and science kicked

Мой первый монтаж связанный с игровыми роликами. Для начала думаю сойдёт, не судите строго. Что можете посоветовать?

Список игр:
- Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag
- Battlefield 4
- Bioshock Infinite
- Crysis 3
- Dead Space 3
- Deep Down
- Dishonored
- Gears of War Judgment
- God of War Ascension
- GRID 2
- Hitman Absolution
- Killzone Shadow Fall
- Mass Effect 3
- Metro Last Light
- Remember Me
- Tomb Raider 2013


Hello everyone,
long time since the last upload!
In this video I wanted to show how to take a VERY quick black and white thumbnail (something I sketched during a lunch break at work) and refine it to a more detailed color piece.
If you liked the video, you can subscribe to my channel, where I'll be uploading more digital painting and concept art demos.
To see the final image, and to see more of my work, visit my website and my blog

See how we used the Xbox Kinect, projectors, and other technology to make the music video for Exist Elsewhere's song 'Tokyo.' Also, see how the Kinect and other technology is paving new ways in interactive art and film. Watch the full music video for Exist Elsewhere’s ‘Tokyo’ here: PRODUCED by Private School Entertainment DIRECTED by Andrew Gant EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Marc Benardout PRODUCER: Yianni Papadopoulos DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Nathan Wilson SECOND CAMERA OPERA

ARTIST: Shwa Keirstead MUSIC: "Chango Island" by Kupa INTERVIEW: Hilary Henegar VIDEO & EDIT: Chris Bentzen for Hot Art Wet City Brought to you by Hot One Inch Action

This is my first AMV with Sony Vegas ^^ A tribute to Ryohei Sasagawa, my favorite characters of the series ^^

A video presentation of what Kongsberg Maritime can deliver to LNG carriers

Actor Siddharth has supported the nude pose of Bollywood star Amir Khan for a movie Amir Khan's nude poster is an art

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Some of the world's finest performers and creators discuss magic as an art form.

Добрый день, дамы и господа, с Вами я — TheBlackSky. Я начинающий летсплеер, прошу не судите строго мои видео. Приятного просмотра. Если же вам понравится, то я надеюсь вы останетесь со мной, нажав на кнопку "Подписаться".
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I own nothing, just editing.
*HD is your best friend*
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In this Video Gemma Lambert and Naio Nails show us to create nail art spangles encased into an acrylic nail.

Ben Lewis, 2004
Фильмы про художников, иллюстраторов, дизайнеров, фотографов.

A short amv for my favourite char , Deidara! Enjoy :) subscribe/like/comment if you want please.

:3 Я такой няша)

@BrassPix - @Speakz - @KREAYSHAWN - KREAYSHAWN.COM -

4 años en este arte que amo y me llena de alegría de grandes momentos junto a grandes personas grandes amigos

Joe Foley - Basúcaí. . Sa chlár seo taispeánfaidh Joe Foley dúinn conas basúcaí a dhéanamh agus déanfaidh sé cur síos ar stair na huirlise sin dúinn. Insíonn Joe dúinn faoi stair na huirlise. Beidh ceol againn ó Dónal Lunny, Andy Irvine, Brendan O'Reagan, Gary Ó Briain, srl.
The trade of music instrument making - Bouzouki -- Mandolin Joe Foley is one of Ireland's leading crafts people and as a bouzouki maker he has made instruments for some of the top players of the instrument. This programme follows

Cực nhanh cực ảo ảo thuật quận 7
0932707250 Like ủng hộ nhé !!! Chơi bài nghệ thuật trọn 7 phần - Card Manipulation Art FULL

motivation video by me :) i hope you like it :)

Portrait of an art photographer Yuri Kurnosov.
Автор, камера: Сергей Гаврилов.
Монтаж: Данила Кузнецов.

Released worldwide the video of the first "shibari" performance in an art gallery: Hikari Kesho, famous master of Japanese traditional bondage and renowned photographer, did a "shibari"performance at Vecchiato Art Galleries, Padua, Italy.


For the first time in the World a famous "nawashi" (Japanese bondage -- "shibari"- master) did a shibari performance in an art gallery ( )
The ev

Смотрите уроки в группе
Наш сайт -

Directed by Pen$acola ft Gusti Fink at Forever Pictures. producer: Alex Scharfman maya artist: Ian Wilmoth stylist: Olga Miasnikova Dop A Cam Bruce Thierry Cheung Dop B Cam: Brendan Brudzinski

May, 10 -2013. Released worldwide the video of the first “shibari” performance in an art gallery: Hikari Kesho, famous master of Japanese traditional bondage and renowned photographer, did a “shibari”performance in the art gallery Vecchiato. Hikari Kesho artworks: In this sample art lesson, Justin BUA teaches you how to draw the ear. Members of BUA's online art school get access to his complete library of online art lessons on everything you need to know about how to draw: drawing, acrylic painting, figure, portraits, landscapes, still life, color, perspective, light and much more.

Whenever you have questions you can submit a video of your technique to BUA and he responds with a video providing personalized feedback. Everyone in the

Спортивный гид Киева "СпортГид"
Теперь вы знаете, где в Киеве найти активность!

Спортивная гимнастика в Киеве

Learn More:

See the 10 time Academy Award Nominated film in theaters now!

Alan Avery of Alan Avery Art Company discusses Collecting Investment Artwork as a Portfolio Asset

Выступление ТЕАТРА ТАНЦА АСТЕР на второй Международной Олимпиаде "Мой мир - искусство!" Танец БРИОЛИН (GREASE). Хореограф и руководитель - Инесса Жук (Ткаченко) и Алексей Жук
Во время весенних школьных каникул с 27 по 31 марта 2012 года крупный культурный и промышленный центр, первая столица Украины -- город Харьков принял более 800 гостей из России, Белоруссии, Казахстана и Украины - участников второй Международной Олимпиады «Мой мир -- искусство!»,
организаторами и учредителями которой являются: ки

Reportage d'Arte sur la zone alentour de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima Daïshi, 1 ans après la catastrophe.
Ici, Arte fait le point sur les conséquences de l'explosion des réacteurs de fukushima, et tente de dresser un bilan sommaire de la catastrophe de Fukushima (aidé par la CRIIRAD et l'ACRO).

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Jonathan Meese believes that art can be anything you want it to be, no matter if it's made from paint and paintbrush or ice cream and hair.

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Newly-refurbished university art museum. From the ancients to the modern; once past the ancients, in a stunning setting, the colors get more intense. The rooms, the stairways and the exhibits are all interesting. 108060p, with some use of a polarizing filter for exhibits behind glass (you see visitors struggling to take pictures of enclosed glass exhibits without a filter). Also use of 'natural' color mode in a few scenes where there were strong shadows to enhance dynamic range.

Выступление ТЕАТРА ТАНЦА АСТЕР НА второй Международной Олимпиаде "Мой мир - искусство!" Танец СТИЛЯГИ.

Во время весенних школьных каникул с 27 по 31 марта 2012 года крупный культурный и промышленный центр, первая столица Украины -- город Харьков принял более 800 гостей из России, Белоруссии, Казахстана и Украины - участников второй Международной Олимпиады «Мой мир -- искусство!»,
организаторами и учредителями которой являются: киноконцертный зал «Украина» г. Харьков,
Харьковская областная филармония г. Х

[club65115766|Only coub videos / Закольцованные видео]

Americas got Talent -- Kenichi Ebina Performs an Epic Matrix Style Martial Arts Dance


Legend Hearthstone!
(Мотайте на 25:30) Trump's Cover of Crossing Fields from Sword Art Online, English version by AmaLee (

P.S.: ещё интересные видео:

пробная работа со спецэффектами)

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Всё видео делал своими руками,
видео делалось на сервере Dream-World [RP]
Кому интересно IP:
Автор: Jordan Cooler.

PS: Это не реклама сервера, видео сделано чисто ради удовольствия.

Я их нашел!!! Это не просто-труевый дэсняк, это еще и детство... Тот самый Дэтх ( дээс, ну короче-death ) Пайрэм в Куяре... А ведь был в марляндии охуенный метал... Кто это увидит-может пришлёте, че может появилось???

Больше видеозаписей на странице Глена Гульда -

Анимированный арт и немного психодела. Мастерски.


Your invited to this year's Art in the Afternoon event hosted by me!! The event benefits the organization I do a lot of work for call A Window Between Worlds! Art in the Afternoon is Sunday, May 4th from 12-4 in Venice California! The whole Dog With a Blog cast (including the dog, Mick) will be there signing autographs and taking pictures. Plus- there are tons of fun games, great music, juggling lessons, Mint Nail Polish, and an In-n-Out Burger food truck!!! Go to to get your tickets today! Kids 12

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Bobo Ashanti music Reggae Dancehal Ragga


Jeremy Evans jumps over his own artwork to create a masterpiece of a dunk. Visit for more highlights.

#LesTwins #yakfilms #sciame #washington 

Music "Bad Guitar" by KaCe The Producer

© YAK FILMS 2013

здесь вы можете найти всё о Близнецах (Les Twins)

It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it. (c)

Music: Blackmill - The Drift
The Japanese Popstars ft. James Vincent McMorrow - Shells Of Silver

This project is a non-profit, and does not violate copyright laws!
All rights to all footage remain courtesy of their respective owners, © 2013

Все самые смешные Азербайджанские приколы, интересные вести, приятная музыка, национальные фильмы и, конечно же, самый дружный коллектив :)

This video features a red Body Binds ( that was gifted to me by one of my amazing fans ^_^ I do hope that if you enjoyed the video you might be able to purchase a little something from my wishlist at or sending a little something to my Paypal at dekilah at gmail dot com. I love doing these videos, so I will continue to do them, but a little something as a thank you would be so very appreciated! --Music-- "Overheat" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed

FAST FINGER ART AMAZING !! You have never seen an artist like this

Arte est une chaîne TV Franco-Allemande, fruit de la réconciliation entre l'Allemagne et la France. Elle est aussi connue sous le nom de "Arte 7+". De ce fait les dialogues et commentaires sont fats en Français ou en Allemand, traduits ou doublés en Français ou en Allemand, avec des sous-titres Français ou Allemands.

7 часов работы ночью и вуаля! ;)

Cotton candy is an art / Сахарная вата это целое искусство