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Клёвый клип "теней" - япошки всетаки талантливые чуваки! ;)

На тему этого клипа:

Предоставлено группой "♬ ♬ ♬ Vocaloids | Вокалоиды и все-все-все!♬ ♬ ♬"
Приятного просмотра! :3

Спросите почему это в вокалоидах?

Так как MikuMikuDance

~Happy halloween ~

【東方】 Silhouette Painting
Song: Masayoshi Minoshima feat. nomico - Bad Apple!!

【東方】Bad Apple!! PV【影絵】

Несколько лет назад это было мое первое знакомство с Мегпоидом. Ностальгия.

Original link
Original title:Bad Apple影絵の通りにテーマメドレー

reprint from nico:

on youtube:

Кавайный клип ^_^

ЭТА видюха обречена на то, чтобы быть мною добавленной везде.) любимый фэндом - наше все, эхехе))
как законченный тохофаг, не могу не поклоняться флэш-криэйтерам. это лучшая видюха по Тохо из сотен всех, что мне когда-либо встречались <3 <3 <3 поэтому пусть она будет и здесь тоже.

Игра TouHou и программа Vocaloid...
Поёт Gumi Megpoid

старое, но гипнотизирует

Не обязательно быть пабликом, чтобы выкладывать смешные видосы ;)
Добавляйся в друзья, я буду рад каждому! :)
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A very nice amv of touhou i found wandering the internet XD

【メグッポイド】Bad Apple!! を歌ってもらった(影絵PVサイズ)【東方】
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Mp3 Download:

Alt tags: Megpoid GUMI 東方 メグッポイド Bad_Apple!! Lotus Land Story Stage 3 Theme Elly nomico

Sigh.. This PV may be old news and some may have already seen this. Regardless, this upload are for those who haven't heard of the piano arrange ve...

Full version MMD style reimport the original Bad Apple Shadow Art Style movements.

Made by: smith.l

MMDに影絵Bad Apple!!を逆輸入
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Music video for "Shadow Of Eternal Sin" by THY ART IS MURDER.

New album HATE now out worldwide!

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Лучшая Брейк Данс группа | Best Break Dance group in VK
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| |

Ноты и табулатуры доступны: Sheet music available on:

Hi, my name is Misha, I am from Russia.check out my first cover


From nico nico douga.
Left: Original
Right: Gachimuchi version

Contrast Example
Original vs Gachimuchi
1. パチュリー (Patchouli) vs パチュリーウッ!(Patchouli, Wu!)
2. 十六夜咲夜(Sakuya) vs 十六夜カズ夜(Kazuya) (0:45)
3. 妹様(Flandre) vs 弟様(Chorondre) (0:51)
4. 竹取物語 vs 平家物語
5. Prism River 3 Sisters vs Prism Gaybar 3 Brothers (1:52)
6. 人形師(Alice) vs 調教師 (2:50)
7. 紅魔郷 vs ダーク♂魔界
And more...

The link is here:

Если даже не обращать внимания на различия цветов, отличий множество.

Vocal recording/mixing/editing -

Railway Records - Vocal recording/mixing/editing

Thy Art Is Murder "Shadow Of Eternal Sin" cover by Wilding Studios with my reamping, mixing and mastering.

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I just put them together...

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【Bad_Apple!!Xドナルド】Bad Hamburger!【東方】
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Alt tags: Ronald McDonald 東方 ドナルド Touhou Lotus Land Story Stage 3 Elly Bad Apple nomico Ran Ran Ruu

Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Here's a clip that I found of the incredible shadow art made by 'light sculpture' pioneer Diet Wiegman.

Produced by Ky Lives.

Thy Art Is Murder performing "Shadow of Eternal Sin" live at Expressive Ground on the Gold Coast, June 7 2013.

Live updates:

Official website:

Event Organiser:

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If at any point, and for any reas

Rhytm guitar:
Lead guitar:

Bad Apple!! Game Boy 8bit ver 【東方】
Uploaded from Nico Nico Douga:

Alt tags: Touhou Bad Apple!! Shadow Art Animation 8bit 東方 Chiptune Lotus Land Story Stage 3 Theme Elly nomico

Here's a really nice concept artbook for fans of the video game series Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
The art is beautiful, dark and moody. It's a wonderful reimagination to the Castlevania franchise that started in 1986.
It features mainly characters and environment designs. There are many full page paintings alongside the designs. Of course you'll see Gabriel Belmont, Dracula, all the Belmont family, and characters like allies, antagonists such as Satan, Titans and other enemies.
Lastly t

Vocal cover by Max of From The Deep Throat

Mixed and Mastered at Empire Studios

My Band:

Vocals recorded by Maxim Bashirov of FROM THE DEEP THROAT


Вокальный кавер на композицию Shadow Of Eternal Sin группы Thy Art Is Murder :D \o/

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In Sengoku Jidai - Shadow of the Shogun, a brand new wargame coming to PC, the unique characteristics of the Asian art of war have been simulated with a high level of realism. In this era technologies used on the battlefields were subtantially the same in Europe and Asia.

But similar equipment does not mean similar tactics and Japanese, Chinese and Korean generals developed very different approaches to triumph against their opponents.

Slitherine product page:
Steam product page: http

The Sengoku Jidai period culminated with the trio of Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu, great political and military leaders whose victories eventually led to Japanese unification.

In Sengoku Jidai - Shadow of the Shogun, a brand new wargame coming to PC,  these iconic commanders, and many others, fight on faithfully recreated Japanese, Korean, and Chinese battlefields. At the tactical scale the chain of command has been modelled to accurately represent military operations of the time.

Thy Art Is Murder - Shadow Of Eternal Sin (Vocal cover by Starovoytov Alexey)
Vox: Starovoytov Alexey
Mixing: Artem Efimov
Check our band:

Thy Art Is Murder - Shadow Of Eternal Sin performed by Jan Benkwitz

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Thy Art Is Murder - Shadow Of Eternal Sin Live KOKO HD 21/11/2014

Here it is! Bad Apple!! in true Widescreen! (No more stupid 4:3 Stretching!)
Done entirely with AVISynth and VirtualDub!

All rights of this music belong to Thy Art Is Murder.
My favorit track of TAIM.
Recorded in my home studio. Mastered by my frend.
Video editing by Cat - X.
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My friend Ivan Shadrin make a great cover on Thy art is murder song.
My channel: youtube
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Весь проект

Whats up, guys! Here's a new cover from our guitarist Igor on Thy art is murder-Shadow of Enternal Sin with an Jackson DKA7 he just got. If you lik...

косячный пробник номер раз

Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS3, Hypercam 3, Sony Vegas 12

Видео предоставлено пабликом:

видео из группы ** Metal & rocK DOCUMENTARY** (

Фильм охватывает в основном период с 2002 по 2004 год, туры по США, Европе и Японии с участием самой группы и приближённых...


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Video by Keith Lutker

Современное искусство

Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla

filmed by and cuted by /

Summerblast Festival - 21.06.2014 in Trier
Band: Thy Art Is Murder

0:00 Defective Breed
4:28 Shadow of Eternal Sin
8:58 Laceration Penetration

most of them are Tim Noble and Sue Webster's works. The shadow of a motorcycle is Shigeo Fukuda's.

John Erik Kaada Mike Patton - Seule


My new cover with the singer of my band Elements.
Check it out.

2nd place
Age 11
West Coast School Of The Arts
Dancers: Allie Antoyan, Bea Catacutan, Emmy Cheung, Bella Do, Aleah Doone, Makaela Jarnagin, Taylor Nunez, Camille Rivera, Brooke Shaw

''Dance me to the end of love'' - a small Andalusian olive tree, and from this tree, casted on the wall is a flamenco dancer shadow, 1 meter tall...

DigInfo TV -


Teruaki Tsubokura
Shadow touch!!

Watch the video «Mike Oldfield, Moonlight Shadow, Art in Heaven Concert» uploaded by Tenyo Barbolski on Dailymotion.

Опять поговорим о том, как нужно делать рекламу.

Английский пивной бренд Newcastle Brown Ale совместно с агентством Vitro из Сан Диего показали жителям этого славного города значение выражения "игра теней"

Asabin Art.
Макс Асабин.
Евгений Коняев.
Подписывайтесь на наш канал на YouTube

different moves in good timing and stretching of your body will make art in fighting so don't forget to practice your stretching everyday : )
different wave of voice can make good music also like music of this game : ) it may call art of different also

Вторая демонстрация технологий моего мода. На сей раз показаны некоторые из тестовых карт с эффектами вроде динамических и мягких теней, проигрываемой по нотам музыки и многопроходной визуализации.

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Книга The Art of Castlevania - Lords of Shadow [Hardcover] куплена в магазине Близзсторе
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So as I promised here is the second part of my speedpaint devoted to Darksiders theme. Here you can see how Im putting down the shadows and other stuff on the lineart which I made in Part 1. By the way you can find it on my channel. There are a lot of things which I should improve in my future works so it would be great if you will trace this process but I hope you like the video anyway. So stay tuned and thanks for watching!

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Всем привет! Выкладываю вторую часть sp

Ancient Creatures Productions Present: Deadly Shadow "Art Of Torture". Comming in 2012.

Special Thanks:
Tmd02 for showing me the multi bound glitch

Here is a relatively short combo video for raven i ....i hope you enjoy

Arnhem, Gelderland - 26.02.2013
Thy Art Is Murder (Australia)
Filmed by: Dan Silva @dansilvaph


On tour with Here Comes The Kraken and Martyr Defiled

09.02.13 Germany Dessau Beatclub
10.02.13 Austria Wien Aera
11.02.13 Austria Gleisdorf Kulturkeller
12.02.13 Germany München Backstage
13.02.13 Austria Lustenau Culture Factor Y
14.02.13 Switzerland Zürich Dynamo

Thy Art Is Murder performing The Purest Strain Of Hate & Shadow Of Eternal Sin at the Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix, AZ 7-3-2015.

BBC: Art of Germany
In the Shadow of Hitler
Episode 3 of 3

Andrew Graham-Dixon concludes his exploration of German art by investigating the dark and difficult times of the 20th century.

Dominating the landscape is the figure of Adolf Hitler - failed artist, would-be architect and obsessed with the aesthetics of his 1,000-year Reich. In a series of extraordinary building projects and exhibitions, Hitler waged a propaganda war against every kind of modern art as a prelude to unleashing total war on the whole of Europe.

After the war the shadow of the Third Reich persisted, Germany remained divided and traumatised. How would artists deal with a past that everybody wanted to forget? From the work of Otto Dix and George Grosz and the age of the Bauhaus to the post-war painters Georg Baselitz, Hilla Becher and the conceptual artist Joseph Beuys is a long strange journey, but the signs are there that art has a place at the heart of the new reunited Germany.

Remember, this is fan-made.

You can find me here:

Support My Work:

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Art fighter - это название независимого проекта Владимира Гусева, объединяющего в себе музыку, танец, видео, графику и световые перформансы. Этот видео ролик является первым эпизодом трилогии этого некоммерческого проекта.

Снято на DSLR Nikon D5200 + Nikon 35mmm f/1.8 + DIY(самодельное оборудование) + Takstar SGC-598 mic + Монтаж- Sony Vegas Pro 13




Seyyah Independent Films.

Here is a quick way to check darks or shadows in a painting without spoiling your botanical art.

I sometimes get to a stage when I know I need to add darks or shadows to a watercolour painting but can’t decide where they need to be.

Using an Aloe leaf as an example you will see me here using acetate and a non permanent pen, then tracing paper and a pencil, to try out different ideas for shadows on my painting.


The Last Shadow Puppets - Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival 2016 (San Francisco, USA) - August, 6
World Music Festivals -

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Here's a video of all my Star Wars shadow art series with a bit of a behind-the-scenes footage. 7 Star Wars silhouettes were created by casting a beam of light onto various different materials attached onto wires. Hope you enjoyed this series as much as I had fun making it. May the force be with you!

Team credit: Michael Mack, Chui Nee Wong, Rachel Mui
Videography: ThickBlackFrames Stories

Music: Clarabell Limonta

Ребята новый клип С уважением
Видеограф "Никита Вербицкий" Днестровск ПМР
Модель Алина Резник
Фотограф Алина Васьковская

f(x)에프엑스 ♡~

You can find the finished Pictures also on my instagram:

tools and materials i used in this Picture:

-paper: Saunders Waterford hot pressed watercolor paper
-watercolors: schmincke Horadam
-pencils: prisma color col-erase and Faber Castell "polychromos"
-brushes: da vinci "Maestro" tobolsky kolinsky, winsor and newton professional watercolor sable brush

you can also find me here:

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, PROGRAMMING AND VISUAL: Nans Bortuzzo DANCER IN THE VIDEO: Anne-Caroline Boidin The world of interactive devices is used for t...

The Pole Dance Theater Trash
Present "The Shadows" for Pole Art 2012

(Choreographer: Veronika Mikhailova
Starring Veronika Mikhailova, Julia Irinina, Bogomolova Marina, Erika Iakovleva)
Танцевальная шоу-студия Trash Юлии Ирининой.

music: Unkle - Burn My Shadow
Dream with us
Pole Art 2012

For more information about the game:

Нашла замечательное видео по Хетаони, решила кинуть и сюда^^

Street Art Shadow Teulis - на Подоле (День Киева)

Полезная инфа для тех, кто хочет развиваться!

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

New illustration available on WeLoveFine! Licensed and approved by Hasbro. This was a joy to work on, its been with me at conventions and now its finally online! Enjoy the time-lapse and get the print!

Buy a print!
Song: Dark Horse by Katy Perry (PHYNX remix)
DA Upload: Coming Soon

Fun with shadows. Interesting multiple shadows cast by physical objects. More at:

Como patrocinadora oficial da Copa do Mundo da FIFA™, a Hyundai fez uma homenagem a paixão de todos pelo esporte mais popular do mundo.
E isso só poderia ter acontecido no país do futebol: luzes, criatividade artística e futebol se unindo em um grande presente para a cidade de São Paulo.

A demo & introduction to these gorgeous true neon nail shadows by Irresistible Nail Art.

I used CND Shellac (a professional product) and these neon nail shadows available at

I also used a Crystal Nails Long size 0 brush available at


Instagram : @therealmrsgrey
SalonGeek : TheRealMrsGrey
Twitter: @redsoleaddict7

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