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Mais um modelo lindo de laço no ar!!!! Vem comigo aprender este lindo lacinho que chamei de Boutique Invertido... Espero que gostem e qua façam muiiitos!!!!

This video tutorial will show you how to make our biggest sized hair bow. Made with 2.25" wide grosgrain ribbon cut to 36". The Southern Big Girl Boutique Hair Bow is for those who like to wear them BIG.

"Music: Kevin MacLeod"

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Have fun!!


I hope the angle on the video is okay!! I hope this helps anyone who has problems making the twisted bow! : D

Elegante Moño ideal para jovencitas. El accesorio ideal para fiestas.

Todas las tiras son de liston de 1.5" (4cm) de ancho
2 Tiras de 12" (30cm) de largo
1 Tira de 9"(23cm) de largo
1 Tira de 2"(5cm) de largo

All ribbons are 1.5" (4cm) wide
2 strips 12" (30cm) long
9"(23cm) long
2"(5cm) long

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WHAT YOU NEED: 21" of 7/8 width ribbon

I am so excited to share a part of Stampin' Up! you probably didn't even know existed! Our Fabric and Ribbon! It is awesome and really great quality. I am teaching you how to make boutique bows so you can buy some SU! ribbon and make some on your own and not have to pay crazy boutique prices :)

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This tutorial will teach you how to make a boutique style Heart Hair Clip/Bow. This is a very simple and easy hair clip that is so adorable for Valentines Day.

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mini bow tutorial:

how to line an alligator clip:

Get the full ingredients for this Little Halloween Stacked Bow AND the still visual tutorial here:

The Bow Genius is helping you make every kinda bow - from Boutique Bows to Tree Topper bows to Mailbox Bows! Here we make a Tails-Down Boutique Bow with perfectly symmetrical loops!

I own an online boutique called Tulle Time Fairy -
I love to make tutu's, fairy dresses, hair bows, bling shoes.. etc so once I get the hang of making videos I will be making more How to's.

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Bow sizes in this video:

1.5" ribbon made a 5 inch bow (width across)


Elaboracion del Moño Boutique con la Tecnica del Numero 8. Otro practico metodo para elaborar este temido lazo.

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Link to Part 1-
Link to Part 2-

This 3 part video will teach you how to make a super cute layered professional looking boutique hair bow. In the first part you will learn the top layer (2 loop bow). The second part will teach you how to make a Big Girl Bow (the bottom layer). In the third part I will show you how to put them all together to make a beautiful boutique hair bow.

Supplies needed:
Glue Gun
Clip of your choice
10" piece of

In this video tutorial you will learn how to make a baby sized boutique hair. Baby hair bows measure approx. 2" wide are made with a 14" piece of 3/8" wide ribbon.

"Music: Kevin MacLeod"

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Get the full ingredients for this Little Halloween Stacked Bow AND the still visual tutorial here:

(links to be updated)

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Some of my favorite hairbow tutorials:

DIY Sweetheart hair bow tutorial

DIY Stacked Ponytail hair bow tutorial

DIY Elegant Stacked TURKEY hair bow tutorial

Elaboracion de moldes para Moño Boutique y como utilizarlo. Una forma muy efectiva para hacer Moños Boutique.

Video molde de carton basico:

Pagina para imprimir los moldes:

Nuestro grupo de manualidades en Facebook: | You can make hair bows! Just look over my shoulder and learn how to make quick and easy boutique quality hair bows without breaking the bank!

Watch part one for the rest of the video((:

In this video tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful boutique hair bow with a very simple technique.
Supplies needed:
Bow making template- 4 1/2"
Ribbon 1.5" wide
glue gun
clip of your choice

"Sunshine (version 2)" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Is this your first Boutique Bow? Great! This method will teach you how to make a great one each time - it takes practice, yes! But once you get the feel down, you'll be making the cutest boutique bows! Beginner bowmakers, bowmaking tutorial junkies, cheer bow and softball bow fans - this is a must-see for you if you are ready to perfect the Boutique Bow.

For those of you who are new to the hairbow world, the Boutique Bow is a standard folded bow that can be worn by itself as one of the most popular and ad

Are you ready to turn out cute boutique bows at double-speed? This is your tutorial! We teach you how to sight and measure your boutique bow so that with a little practice, you can turn out awesome, signature Boutique Bows! Add more creases to the center or vary the length of ribbon you use if you are looking for a slightly different, personalized look. And remember, you can find all of your materials at! Thank you for watching the Hold and Fold RABOM Boutique Bow Tutorial!

This video shows how to make a hair bow using two different colors on the inside and outside of the hair bow. This is a basic boutique hair bow tutorial. All supplies needed to make this hair bow are available on Subscribe to our channel on Thanks for watching!

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Hair Bows N' Things

Rabom No Sew, No Tails Boutique Bow with - this is a GREAT one to learn because it makes up the base of so many stacked bows! You can make two of these, one slightly smaller than the other, and nest them for a great Boutique Base for your stacked bows! This is a good one to learn. And it's No-Sew!

2 x 14 inches of 1.5 Grosgrain, sealed ends
matching 3/8 inch ribbon, 4 - 6 inches
very small zip tie
covered alligator clip
2 alligator clips + 1 straight pin (optional)
1 straight pin

Que tal fazer seu próprio gabarito do lago boutique?! Fiz o desenho pra gente agora é só você baixar, acompanhar o vídeo e... Diy - Fazer você mesma. Espero que você goste, e se gostar não esquece de dar um like :)

Como Baixar os agbaritos:

Link pro pdf do Gabarito: for the bow measurement chart and more tips! This is a video tutorial for an easy basic boutique bow.

Mini Boutique Hair Bow Instructions - Super easy hair bows to make using 3/8 inch ribbon! Adorable hair bows for babies and little girls!

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This is a demonstration of the Brilliant Bowmaker Twisted Template using the Quick and Easy fold and two methods of creasing to make a Twisted Boutique bow.

LAMB's RaDDical Twist Hair Bow Making rib-Bands.

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Have fun!!


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This tutorial goes over the finer points of making a basic boutique bow - my preferred products are: Scotch Titanium Scissors, Coats Dual Duty Plus Thread and 1.5" grosgrain ribbon

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how to make a twisted boutique bow with 2 different ribbons. if you have any questions just comment :)


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How to Stiffen your hair bows:

How to make a basic boutique hair bow using 1.5 inch ribbon:

How to line alligator clips and french barrettes:

This is a super fun smaller bow where you can use many different ribbons, bottlecaps, gems, stickers, brads, tulle, anything you want!

What you need to watch before starting this video (if needed):

1. Watch Step 1 (How to Line Alligator Clips)
2. Watch Step 2 (How to Make a Single Layer Boutique Bow)
3. Watch Step 4 (How to Make Spikes)

Here is the finished product using the tutorials!
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This is part 2 in the new bow making series that we discussed awhile back. If you missed Part 1 then you can check it out here:

Today we are discussing the BASE BOW. First up, The TBB *Figure 8 method. This is a UPDATE to the OLD video posted years ago. I will updating them all as we make our way through this series of making a stacked boutique bow.

To see the entire series visit the blog:

A great hair bow to use for any event (parties, photos)

Learn How to make boutique hair bows. Here I will show you how to make the cutest little hair bows! Very simple and easy to make. Supplies needed: Ribbon, glue or hot glue, pencil. tape measure or ruler, scissors.
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SugarPlumDollsPattern Project - My Story
I am now ready to take a leap forward and launch my own line of super easy sewing patterns. My plan is  to create super easy sewing patterns, I hope to have my first pattern avai

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You will need:
7/8" ribbon cut to 21"
Glue gun
Lighter (to heat seal)
String or thread
Salon clip
Hair spray

Please leave a comment if you have any questions

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Still having trouble making the TBB? Try this method!
"Twist up, Twist down....BAM DONE!"

How to make the Twisted Boutique bow (EASY!)
Check out my other videos for more bow making tips and tutorials.

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Learn how make sparkle spangle boutique style hair bows with spangle bow strips from You can find the holographic iron-ons at

this is a step by step tutorial on how to make a cute boutique style hair bow!!

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Main bow 18" of 7/8 wide ribbon
Spikes 6, 4" pieces of 7/8 wide ribbon
Side bows 4"
Bottle cap 1"
Tubular crin 4"

*info coming....


Hi, I'm "Mommy". I also answer to "Linda" :) I'm a homeschooling mom of 4 (ages 3, 10, 12 and 16) that loves to craft. I craft a lot. I post videos throughout the week unless some sort of KID-TASTROPHE happens. Hey, I have a lot of kids. It's bound to happen :)

Currently we are vlogging OUR ENTIRE SUMMER BREAK! (With hauls and tutorials throughout the week) We will be back to a "normal" sch

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a Big Girl Sized Boutique Hair Bow. Supplies needed are: 1.5" ribbon (30" long) scissors wire glue gun clip of your choice (lined alligator clip or french barrette) 5/8" ribbon to make center pliers
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Let me know if there is a specific how to video you would like to see.

Material: fita cetim nº 5 ( 2,2 cm x 90 cm); manta de strass (4 fileiras x 68 fileiras), cola de silicone, cola quente, fio de nylon, linha, agulha, bico de pato

Amigas hoy les tengo tutorial doble
vamos a aprender a hacer centro para moños
y moño bowtique
asi que te invito a que veas el video completo
ya que es un paso a paso completisimo de como elaborar
este moño y el centro de corazón que lleva en medio.
Saludos y bendiciones desde Oaxaca México.

How to make mini bows:

How to fully line an alligator clip:

How to partially line an alligator clip:

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Mas um modelinho lindo de laço. Desta vez, o tradicional boutique, vem em dobro!!! Então assita o vídeo e faça vários lacinhos boutique duplos!!! Espero que gostem!!!

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Let's make a bow!

30-32 inches of 1.5" ribbon used to make this hairbow

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This bow is a LOT of things. Longest bow title yet for Rabom! So if you've made the No Tails Boutique and the Fluffy 2.25 Southern Boutique, this is a blend of those two bows! Big and fluffy and Southern, but made with two 16-inch lenghts of 2.25inch Grosgrain. We used Polka. Because Polka is adorable and gets this bow into the Extra Christmas Cheer and Cuteness zone. BONUS: no straight-pins or thread needed!!

You'll need the following:
estimated time for this hairbow: 20 minutes (for beginner)
total width

Has anyone ever told you that it's difficult to make a Boutique Bow in Satin or Double Ruffle? They aren't kidding! But when you use a Bow Board (and a tutorial!) you have a lot more stability. Pinching every move in place? Not necessary. You'll love how this bow comes together without sewing or accordion folding!

Completed bow is 5 - 5.25 inches wide.
You'll need the following supplies from

2 x 30 inches of 1.5 inch Double Ruffle
5 inches of 3/8 Double Ruffle

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No vídeo de hoje mostro uma forma super simples de como fazer o tradicional laço boutique. O láco do vídeo ficou com 8,5 cm, mas você pode fazer do tamanho que desejar!!!

Link do laço boutique sem pontas:

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Learn how to stack hair bows and spikes to make elaborate hair bows. The hair ribbon we used is available at and the French Style Barrettes at

For a step-by-step written instructions on "How To Make A Hair Bow" link to

Today I will teach you how to make a classic boutique bow!
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Canal Sandy's Style-

Moño Boutique
Como hacerlo con molde:
Como hacerlo sin molde:


This tutorial is to show you a few different ways of how to make your boutique bow stand out and that bit more special. Including adding centre pieces, gems, embellishments and tulle. These are the links to the suppliers i mentioned in this tutorial:-

This is a 5" boutique style hair bow step by step with measurements and easy instructions.. Enjoy & thank you for watching xoxo
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Pinwheel hair bow:

Welcome back to another tutorial for Scrapbook Boutique. Today I show you how I use the 'Bow Easy' and it really is VERY easy!
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How to make bottle caps:
How to make a lined alligator clip or french barrett:

This tutorial will show you how to make a 4" boutique style bow using 1.5" ribbon.
If you have any questions feel free to inbox me or leave it in a comment below.
Thanks for watching!

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"Quad" bow ;)

Twisted Boutique bow tutorial:

Photo tutorial on my blog:

Where to buy ribbon?
I love Schiff brand ribbon!

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A video tutorial on how to make these super cute loopy puff hair bows. This bow is so easy and so adorable.
Supplies needed:
36 --2 1/2-3 inch long pieces of 3/8"wide ribbon
needle and thread
small felt circle
clip of your choice

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a Large Elegant Boutique Hair Bow. The supplies needed are:
2 1/4" wide ribbon-- 20" long
Clip of your choice
Glue Gun
3/8" wide ribbon for center (knot of flat)

Music by: "Kevin MacLeod"

How To Make a Twisted Boutique Bow (TBB) Figure 8 Method, I am left handed so hopefully you do not find this confusing! Please let me know if you have any questions! :)

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Learn how to make the popular Twisted Boutique hair bow. Don't forget to check out our SPECIALS:

Link to our BLOG with written instructions:

Links to supplies used in this video:


Needle, Thread, Glue Gun, Scissors:

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➡️➡️ previous #bowtutorial ⬇

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Some of my favorite hairbow tutorials:

DIY Sweetheart hair bow tutorial

DIY Stacked Ponytail hair bow tutorial