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Митя Маста Майк
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тема после 2-й минуты

Митя Маста Майк
драм энд бэйс битбокс для WODB 2010!

люди делают d'n'b голосами

Прикольный басовый битбокс)

Professional BeatBox, Dubstep,Breakbeat, Drum'n'Bass and etc..

бухие африканцы

публичная страничка по бит боксу,кого интересует подписывайтесь!!!!!

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This my first video of beatbox.<br/><br/>

Beatbox Drum and Bass
First Song Rony Size - Snapshot

Street performer doing Drum and Bass only with a microphone!

Here's a new piece for all you guys showcasing cool beats and some drum and bass. Hope you enjoy and if you do subscribe, share, like and comment, I always appreciate feedback and suggestions for future videos!

- SJ


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all kinda styles but mostly dnb

Bass Battle @ НК Звезда - 03.11.2011
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я давно уже не выкладывал никаких видео
вот и решил выложить хоть кусочек с выступления.

Sketchy Pete dropping some amazing beats :)

Unique style and fluid flow, please rate, comment and share :D


чекак подскажите ? : )

занимаюсь ровно год в честь этого и видео снял.

снимаю редуко поэтому сбиваюсь перед камерой. тк что на это внимание не обращайте :)

You know the drill!! : http://facebook.com/looperman.beatbox

the video is right here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ummdAfSok2kfeature=channel_video_title

Un freestyle...
Drum and Bass + Techno

*****INCKAS CREW****

Отписываемся и добавляем видео себе :)

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Skaper .

מקצבי דראם אנד בייס ודאבסטפ בנבל פה אירופאי drum and bass dubstep beatbox on the European Jews harp

the request is on. :)
thanks for the interest.
please share your ideas right here: http://facebook.com/looperman.beatbox

Heres a freestyle, playing with new sounds :)
Not perfected but close.
First thing i do at the start of my day, i put my hat on and make music :)
Hope you enjoy, plz comment and rate
Peace y'all

Beatboxer live show. Dubstep and Drum'n'bass. London, Piccadilly Circus. Canon 5D Mark II Full HD1080p.


да похер мне смешно :D


Contrix beatboxing Drum & Bass and Jungle live at Oxford Circus. This footage is taken with an iPhone, I've enhanced the picture and sound as much as possible. More clips...

CONTRIX Beatboxing House: http://youtu.be/LO7_vyRrT2M
CONTRIX Beatboxing Dubstep: http://youtu.be/LdwOUuLNM10

hope u like my dnb beatbox^^
also follow my inst @nimzorov_inst

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Ещё одна сходка в космо))

Learn How To Beatbox Tutorial - Drum and Bass DB
AKA drum n' bass - DnB

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BMG & Alem in the mix! not more to say, this was at world champs in the generator hostel 2012. thank you

He dropped that beat a few days later after the grand beatbox battle 2012.

Swissbeatbox.com provides video clips from professional beatboxers and new talents all over the world, fil

U MUST WATCH IT!! 1:40 -- Limewax - Agent Orange
my name is Skaper.
add me
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Can one man make the same noises as an entire drum kit and bass player?
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