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Team Grenade Extreme Core Workout
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ A 'bonus feature' on our series of DTP workouts with Kris Gethin of Bodybuilding.com - here we see Team Grenade's James St Leger turn the tables on the big guy, as James puts Kris through the James St Leger core strength workout. As a champion endurance athlete, these exercises are second nature to James - but for Kris as a bodybuilder, a lot of them are entirely new and therefore extremely challenging. After he's put our Grenade athletes through a brutal series of DTP worko

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http://www.sixpackfactory.com and Peter Carvell brings you this Extreme Core Workout that will help you build a bullet proof core workout at home fast!

In this workout video we show you one of the most powerful core workouts we have ever done. Using some cutting edge functional exercises this workout will help you build a bullet proof core fast.

What I love about this workout is that exercises are really a lot of fun but also extremely powerful so make sure you watch the video above so tha

100 yard power wheel crawl is an extreme core workout. Rob Hudson, personal trainer and owner of Fitness By Design in Indianapolis does the Power Wheel Challenge. we use the power wheel in our bootcamp classes because it's such a great core workout.

http://www.sixpackfactory.com brings you this very effective but strange yet powerful core abs workout. It comes straight from the MMA ring and has it's roots in Thai Boxing and it was designed to get you ripped fast! If your goal is to get a strong core and 6 pack abs then this mma workout is for you. You will get ripped just like a fighter!

extreme core training you can try if you really want to work your core and stabilizers! challenging stuff here, fun too!

Learn movement and get fit:

Extreme core workout demonstrating some of the hardest core exercises out there. Finishing the workout with several easier ones!

You may not be able to start doing all of these right away, but the easier exercises demonstrated in the end of the workout should be doable by people who are reasonably fit.

http://www.sixpackfactory.com brings you another extreme home 6 pack abs core workout to help you build sexy abs at home fast.

Using advanced core exercises, Home Fitness Expert Peter Carvell shows you one of the best and most powerful core workouts we have ever done.

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(1:20)- Routine Sets Reps
(1:45)- Crunch: Setting 1
(2:57)- Crunch: Setting 2
(3:53)- Leg Lift: Setting 1
(4:31)- Leg Lift: Setting 2
(5:16)- In-Out: Setting 1
(5:54)- In-Out: Setting 2
(6:37)- Left Turn: Setting 1
(7:37)- Left Turn: Setting 2
(8:12)- Right Turn: Setting 1
(8:33)- Right Turn: Setting 2
(9:06)- Bonus!

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