flashmob in Barcelona

El primer dia d'estiu de 2011, un grup espontani de meditadors va realitzar aquesta flashmob a Plaça Sant Jaume de Barcelona. A les 6 de la tarda i durant un quart d'hora, van seure a meditar.

On June the 22th a group of meditators did a flashmob in St. Jaume square in Barcelona. At 6pm they sat and meditated for fifteen minutes.

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Sony Ericsson Hoppers in Barcelona

"Hackers vs Kaspersky"! Unemployed, but dancing hackers protest against the dominance of Kaspersky products in the world's wide net. They have dedicated their dance right to that during the MWC 2013

Ha sido increible!!! Me parto de risa con los chicos del principio!!!!


It was incredible!!! LOL at the guys at the beginning!!! ^_^