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Танцуем под песню OMI - HULA HOOP

sorry about the bad sound quality :( concert at the Black Sheep 8/10/10

Наш паблик -

Circus "Grotesk" / Anna Moshnikova.
Цирк "Гротеск" / Анна Мошникова.

This clip was taken from my shaky Sony Hi8 HandyCam recording of the 1999 NYC MacWorld Public/ Keynote address; shot zoomed in from afar way in the back of the standing-room-only audience (unlike Apple's public version).

Shaky camera work aside, this video captures the HISTORIC moment better than any other I've seen - shot from the standing room only crowd soaked in cheers.


More crazy videos:

- A girl with a light-up hula hoop shows off some impressive skills!
- Uma menina com um aro de luz-up hula mostra algumas habilidades impressionantes!
- 一個女孩與一個光呼拉圈展示了一些令人印象深刻的技能!
- Девушка со светло-до обруч демонстрирует впечатляющие навыки!
- Una muchacha con un aro de hula light-up muestra algunas habilidades impresionantes!

Video by MISSSHARONSHAR performing " Sexy Girl Hula Hula Skills " ©

A girl with a futuristic hula hoop dances to the music. Sexy and interesting.

Watch the hula hoop master in action! Kaylee Brown = Let's Rage!<br/><br/>

Sexy Hula Hoop
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Hula Hoop Girl Circus Act. Britney Spears Circus Tour. Prudential Center, Newark, NJ.

Летний танец с обручем на пляже

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только тут - #1 Source for Light-Up & Party Apparel.
Jenna McClip a pro hula hooper shows off some sexy hula hoop tricks. Dancing in the dark while wearing a new light up bra by Neon Nancy.

Music: Imagine ft. Delevo - Stephan Jacobs

Light Up Bras, Hula Hooper, Hula Hoop, Dancer, Dancing, Glow, Strobe, House, Dubstep

V ежегодный фестиваль «Настроение», г. Дедовск, 10.05.2015

For those of you who enjoy listening to this song over and over again but are too lazy to click replay.

Don't listen if this song makes you wish you were deaf.

Apparently this video is in HD, so watch in HD

Sterling Knight hula-hooping at a autograph signing at the Taste of Dallas on Sun, July 12, 2009. Oh yeah we know its blurry but better than nothing.

он крут)))
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Amazing guys and girls from Davidyants Circus demonstrate exellent skills of handling fire incuding flaming torches juggling, flaming hula hoops and of course fire breath.

very impressive.


Выступление Линды Фаркаш на KFF'10. Часть II.
Linda Farkas performing at KFF'10. Part II.

группа "FuRRy LoVerS / Фурри-любители"

John Hula Hooping outside the Mayfair Hotel on the 4th of June 2011

Shot 100% on the HD HERO2® camera from

Take a break from the winter frost and get your dose of hoopin' with Laura and Nick Saik - thanks guys!

Check out Nick's channel for more videos at:

во! как надо!!!

Paul "Dizzy Hips" Blair sets world record by Hula Hooping a 100 pound Tractor Tire!!!!!!!

(98 pound tire)

Paul Blair


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Mash-up of people using a hula-hoop with a gopro camera attached at the beach @ Nelson Ledges Quarry Park.

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Watch this girls unbelievable hula hoop skills while getting down to thrift shop

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by Nazar Drakhenberg · #gopro, #maui, #hawaii, #beach, #hula hoop

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Little Sierra attempts to teach her giant puppy how to hula hoop. That has to be one of the cutest lessons you'll ever see!

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best hula hoop & amazing hulahop

Turbo Fest 8,
2-5 Jan 2014

en collaboration avec l'École de Cirque de Québec

Video by Norbi Whitney

by Nick Jones

Hula-hoops ribbon act "Roxanne" in "Elegance" of Salto Natale (Switzerland, Oct., 2008- Feb., 2009)

A Girl In Tights With A Hula Hoop Is A Great Thing

Step by step tutorial here:

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This is some behind the scenes footage of Melanie Iglesias goofing around with a Hula Hoop at a recent shoot a few of days ago in NYC.

Shot at Michael Creagh's studio.

Be sure to catch Melanie on Guy Code every Tuesday at 11pm on MTV 2!

Номер Romantic "Rondo" создан в 1985 году.
Исполнители: Виктория и Леонид Первовы
Режиссёр: Владимир Пасынков
Балетмейстер: Галина Дмитриева

pojalusta smotrite do kontsa)

Shot in Victoria Gymnastics

Natalia Bakun.hulahoop act in comic military style. dec.2009.

A little boy showing his sister how is done!