motorama - Ghost

MOTORAMA - ghost


Now that one is better.I think vocal will do.I used more recording techniques but looks like that the quality still suck. I tried to put as much videos as i can, but synth is still off the frame, sorry for that, hope you`ll like it
M-Audio Axiom 49
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Pegasus PB 1991

Fan video.
Song: Ghost by Motorama

Мой первый опыт работы с программой Guitar rig :)

Пикник Афиши 2011

Клуб "Танцы", СПб, 30.10.10

Motorama live in Athens, AN Club 04/04/2011

motorama - ghost
16 tons, Moscow
presentation of a new album - 'Calendar'

Презентация альбома "Calendar", Аврора, СПб, 27.10.12
Album "Calendar" presentation, Aurora club , Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 27.10.12
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From "Alps" (2010)

My hopes, my will
Were never a part of you
Those days were sad and cold,
I'll never want them back again

But at this moment we are close to each other again
It's like a merge of different colors
In a silver mountain lake
We are at home again
It's like dancing in the room with a female ghost
It's like falling from the edge
to the bed with cold clean pillow

Your voice, is pure and soft
It's throwing me back to my hopes
My ears

Motorama - ghost

2012.09.29 Podzemka. Rostov.

motorama please even the kids 31.07.2010

Концерт в кафе-баре 'Голландия', остров Новая Голландия, СПб, 27.08.11
Live at Holland Cafe, New Holland Island, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 27.08.11
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directed and shot by motorama

Мій перший кавер.


Снято на 2 телефона

Нижний Новгород

Live at Подземка, Ростов-на-Дону, 19.11.10

(live @ АРХИV Moscow 30.04.2016)
this video isn`t mine


Очередное квартирно-нищенское порево с гитарами. На этот раз кавер любимчиков Антона.