motorama - One Moment

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В клипе участники ростовской группы завороженно смотрят в камеру, много пьют всякой жидкости, тащат с потолка гирлянду и... в общем, еще много чего делают ради создания стильного видеоряда.

Космонавт, СПб, 24.11.11

Космонавт, СПб, 24.11.14
Cosmonavt club , Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 24.11.14
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directed and shot by motorama, 2011

STEREOLETO 2011 • StereoFuture 2 июля

Recorded during Kill Your Pop festival #8, in 'Flannery's' (pub). Very amazing russian band.
Thanks to the band !

Motorama - One Moment (live at Bosco Fresh Fest), Gorky Park, Moscow / Парк Горького, Москва, 05/24/2013

New single by Motorama 2011 - ''One Moment''

Концерт в кафе-баре 'Голландия', остров Новая Голландия, СПб, 27.08.11
Live at Holland Cafe, New Holland Island, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 27.08.11

100ру, 27.04.14

04/09/2013 Космонавт

BEST NEW MUSIC: Motorama - One Moment

True Post-Punk is back. It came from Russia, with love. This Russian band called 'Motorama' make the best Post-Punk/New Wave how it's meant to be. It's like you're falling back into the Joy Division era. 'One Moment' is one of their best tracks, with it's beautiful grey and sad sound that makes the genre so lovely and an up-tempo drum beat. You can visit here their blog and facebook: