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'Chasity' is originally by iiO
Published by: Made Records 2006
I do not own the rights to this song.

Комплект ксенона MTF Slim c блоками 5 поколения.

Комплект ксенона MTF является наиболее качественным и надежным из всех присутствующих на российском рынке комплектов ксенона корейских производителей.

В комплектацию входит:

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Mama Trash Fest IV, Gloria, Helsinki

"Nosturi", Mama Trash Fest III 06/03/2010

*couple of times the light killed my camera

This is my first year on hormones. I did a pretty bad job keeping up with it, but I feel like sharing.

The song is by my band and you won't find it anywhere :P.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
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From when I was little until sept. 16, 2013



A slideshow showing my progress over the past 5 months :)

Audio Track: Ra Ra Riot - Beta Love (RAC Mix)

1 month post op voice feminization before/after with Yeson Voice Center in S. Korea:

Mama Trash Fest IV,
Gloria, Helsinki 02/04/2011<br/><br/>▼
Вступайте и наслаждайтесь красивыми и захватывающими HD роликами собранными специально для вас

Также магазин МотоШопер предоставляет экипировку для любого класса мото.
Огромный выбор, цены ниже чем у конкурентов. Скидки.

Заказывать можно все что угодно, включая оригинальные запчасти.

Отправляем заказы в РЕГИОНЫ.
Цены вас ооочень порадуют. Весь товар оригинальный, возим из Америки и США.

So this is what I looked like originally, and what I looked like after Facial Feminization and Breast Augmentation and of course lots of HRT.

Hope you enjoy!

Music courtesy of Las Ketchup.
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Ночной блог Маши Баст Выпуск 3
Ночной блог посвящен проблеме трансфобии
Маша Баст рассказывает о собственном опыте и случаях трансфобии, начиная с подросткового возраста
Night blog of Masha Bast Edition 3
Night blog about the problem of transphobia

С оригиналом статьи «Транссексуал -- это диагноз» Вы можете ознакомиться здесь
Остальные статьи и многое другое Вы можете на нашем сайте

Видеоролик взят с канала пользователя TsCharlotteXoXo<br/><br/>

Hey guys :) Doesn't she look beautiful? Check out her channel here -

Keep on going strong Fior, your an inspiration for us all, love you.
Original video -


Наименование модели: MTF-E001-1A.
Производитель: Casio.
Модельный ряд: Standard.
Механизм: Кварц.
Корпус: Нержавеющая сталь с частичным черным PVD покрытием.
Браслет: Каучуковый ремешок.
Стекло: Минеральное.
Водозащита: 100м.
Календарь: Число.
Габариты (ШхВхТ): 45x51x13 мм.
Вес: 103 г.
Пол: Мужские.

110 foot step-up at Millsaps Training Facility.

ada kabar baik untuk kalian semua, kulit manggis kini ada ekstraknya :) *lol*

my transition so far

my paypal email is
if anyone wants to donate to my transition :)
thank you

my paypal email is if anyone wants to donate any amount of money.. any amount will be helpful :)
all rights to the song "teenage dream" belong to katy perry and capitol records

Hey HitsuHina fans!!
It's lani-chaaan :D I know, it's been a long time since our group uploaded a MEP... I'm so sorry, but I was very busy (with life, school, etc.) and some of my members as well... However, I proudly present you our newest HitsuHina MEP! It is soooo incredible!! All members did an amazing job, they always getting better and developed their own style ;) I love you guys, you are so talented. I really feel like a mom, who is so proud of her children XD

0:00-0:06 Intro (xxHinamo

знакомства с трансами в Екатеринбурге

знакомства с трансами в Москве

Комплект ксенона MTF является наиболее качественным и надежным из всех присутствующих на российском рынке комплектов ксенона корейских производителей.

Комплект ксенона MTF Slim c блоками 5 поколения.

Установка ксенона MTF Light на ВАЗ 2114 в фары и противотуманки
Рекомендованный сервис для установки ксенона - Синий Бокс на Интернациональной
Официальный сайт

Установочная студия Синий Бокс -- это сеть сертефицированных автосервисов, в которых работают настоящие профессионалы! Мы имеем многолетний опыт и штат сотрудников около 50 человек, который позволяет решать нам любые ваши задачи!

Wow, I can't believe it's been a whole year already, and yet it seems like a lifetime too. 2013 has been the most amazing experience for me. There have been some incredibly difficult events this past year but in spite of them it has truly been the best year of my life. I feel like a whole person for the first time ever and it is wonderful.
I can barely begin to express the gratitude I feel toward my amazing family and friends but suffice to say I'm incredibly fortunate to live where I do surrounded by

*n[1,1]* прогноз погоды майл ру web камеры веб камеры темы для nokia темы для телефона)

Follow my blog that will be documenting everything from here on out!
Follow my majestic life on twitter!

I know I've been gone for so long, and I apologize. Hope this clears everything up :)
xoxo Nicki

Music - "All of Me" by Jon Schmidt. I do no own the rights to this song, it is for entertainment purposes only.

Shorter version here: Hey guys, so this a slideshow of my progress on hormones, starting from day 1 to currently week 91. You guys are awesome, I love you. You truly are beautiful.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this music.
It is by Little Mix, on their album DNA.

Songs: Wings,
Change Your Life,
We Are Who We Are

Mama Trash Fest IV, Gloria, Helsinki

Sorry about the aspect ratio, all my pics are from different cameras

I'm 15 now! --- This is a video showing ME since I was born, and up to the current state of my transition, with a ton of photos! I will do a new video as my transition progresses. please like and subscribe! Please give me feedback in the comments! Thank you!

12 months ago today I started my journey into womanhood by taking my first pill. June 13th, 2012 will be remembered forever in my life. This upload is my updated before and after HRT video. #HRT #GirlsLikeUs #MTF #SerenaLynn #transition



The Wreckers - "Stand still, Look pretty"
Eminem - "Not Afraid"
Nelly Furtado - "Afraid"

Its has been 1 year and a half that i started my Hormones... Enjoy.

Mama Trash Fest IV, Gloria, Helsinki

No matter who or what I was, I always gave it my 100% I believe in being the best you can be. Loving yourself in every way shape or form. I just needed to be true to myself. I had to transition. Life is short and I don't want to look back on my life regretting anything.. Thanks again for those who have supported me throughout my transition and hopefully continue with my journey. You all are a big part in my life. Thank you.

не обращайте внимание на то кто едет, смотрите как едут

Mama Trash Fest IV, Gloria, Helsinki

I've been working on this whole transition thing for a while now, so here's a compilation video! Questions?

Follow me:

Прохаждение Blocks that matter 1-8 уровень


Slide show I created showing photos of me from the start of my transition to present. As a personal choice I decided not to show any pre transition photos as I'm not comfortable in doing so yet. Hope you enjoy anyway. I started hormones around the time of the first photo.
If you want to look at these photos and more then check out my instagram name is Melissa167
Follow me on twitter - Tournaments
Подписывайтесь в социальных сетях!!!

Twitter: @Ruiva182
Instagram: Vivian182

MUSIC: Bustrexx Ft.CoMa - Just Say (Reprisal) v2

MTF transition starting at 40 and showing about 2 years of estrogen effects (music by Brandi Carlile, I own no rights to it)

Davi trains in the hot summer sun at his Moms in August 2003. Then some water play and MTF B4 it was MTF.

Mark Towers guides us through 'Push', a new controller for the powerhouse digital audio workstation that has been eagerly awaited by Ableton's legion of fans.

#music #technology #musictechfest #ableton #push

Hey everyone!
I proudly present you the first MEP of our lovely HitsuHina group *_*
It's so amazing and every member did a really good job, I'm so happy that I have so many great editors in my group :D Go ahead and subscribe them ^^ And don't forget to subscribe our official HitsuHina group channel as well ;D

0:00-0:07 INTRO (by xxHinamoriKunxx)
0:08-0:27 Samarasigns
0:28-0:47 xNaruHina
0:48-1:06 Littlemissbeccie
1:07-1:26 Shadesofseptember
1:27-1:46 xxHinamoriKunxx

Gennady Lis

any donation towards my transition for hrt and upcoming doctor visits and surgeries would help so much

Hey everyone! I'm also an artist / game developer! I could really use a hand on my current campaign - Check it out at -

Here is my two year transition video to show the effects that hormones have on the body after two years. Definitely been a pretty eye opening experience.

Programmers, musicians and performers Meta-eX talk us through their open source approach to high tech music making. Is open source data the equivalent of paper notation for tomorrows' music historians?

After leaving the 2009 Thor Winter National Olympics Vurb Moto decided to stop in and see our old buddy Justin Barcia at MTF. He rocked the new Epic Wide Angle Helmet Cam for us as he trains for the East Coast SX Series this winter.

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итак..универ Сухого..
все участвующие персонажи студенты,якобы делающие этот самый что не наесть ааавтомобиль...)))))))

track/ Premonition! Production/FL Studio 9 Disorder@ a.k.a Dusan Micic and Mtf.M a.k.a Milica Secerkovic,MOJA LJUBAV JEDINA-my only love!

pilot Kyle Peters. GoPro 720/60p

Hang out some with Keith from an early morning wake up to warming up, streching, riding, school before the sun goes down at the Millsaps trainaing facility.

Anthony Rodriguez takes the Vurbmoto GoPro around for a few laps at Millsaps Training Facility, trailing Martin Davalos and Dakota Alix.

Mama Trash Fest IV, Gloria, Helsinki

С другом играем на сервере
канал друга


Holy shet. xD I LOVE how this turned out. So dramatic, angsty and cracky; just the way I like it. ;D Anyways, this is for the second project More Than Friends Group is hosting. It's an OT3 theme, and I chose HitsuHinaByaku~ x3

Oh, and the song. Gosh, this song...I love it. xD I blame SilverNight72 for getting me completely hooked on Boyce Avenue. Their songs are made of awesomesance! This song in particular is called 'Not Enough', so pl

Mama Trash Fest IV, Gloria, Helsinki

(c) Gazgolder

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I made this slide show with what little amount of pictures I could find. The problem was that when I was raped the second time, the guy stole my phone. This video is missing content. Such as my very first rape. Along with a lot of stuff in between that youth shelter and getting kicked out. I just simply do not have any pictures so I cannot talk about it, or you would not be viewing a slideshow but reading a story. :) I will see if I can write up my experience.

Another one of those, "look how much I change thanks to female hormones" before and after YouTube videos. Watching the videos made by others led me to believe that I could have a successful transition, so I thought it'd be fair for me to post my transition for future transitioners to see.

See "part 2" here for 230 more transformation pictures: or watch the 'extended version' for ALL 650 pictures in one video: - Стратегия форекс 4H Fibo + MTF MA основана на отбое от важных уровней Фибоначчи и на скользящей средней более старшего периода

Благодаря чему входы получаются более точными и по тренду!

Торговля ведется при помощи 2 отложенных ордеров:
Sell Limit на уровень 38,2 % по Фибоначчи, а стоп-лосс устанавливаем за уровень 61,8%.
Sell Limit на уровень61,8% по Фибоначчи, а стоп-лосс устана

(c) Gazgolder

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From a early morning wake up to a brisk warm up in the state of the art gym we follow Kyle thru his day at the Millsaps training facility.

I finally decided to make a video of my transition through a photo slideshow.
I am glad that my life has gone the way it has. The experiences, the challenges, the connection with close friends and everything else as well.

Сентябрь 2010.
От Автора: "Мы с батей сняли фильмец про мурманских рыбаков в Норвежском море.

Извините за "Трунковский" на пол экрана, вынужденная мера))"

News link:

Just hours after the second European qualifier for EMS One Katowice came to an end, we bring you a stunning Deagle round from Swedish player Hampus "hMp" Netzell.

The team list for the European finals of EMS One Katowice is now completed after Wizards, H2k Gaming, Partyastronauts and GreyFaceNoSpace all came through the second continental qualifier.

In this amazing clip, Hampus "hMp" Netzell gets the ace with the Desert E вступайте к нам,мы Вам поможем!

*Sorry to my German viewers... it says that this video is blocked due to the copyright issues.

I thought something a little more formal would be nice for us...
I hope you like...xoxoxo!


'Fix You' as originally by Coldplay
Written by: Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion
Published by: Universal Music MGB Songs
I do not own the rights to this song. My rendition is simply a cover of a song I love.<br/><br/>

Note/Warning: The pictures get increasingly revealing as the video progresses.


Один австралийский парень решил, что в нём больше женского, чем мужского и трансформировался в особь противоположного пола. Своё необычное превращение на протяжении трёх лет он снимал на фотоаппарат, а затем склеил полученные снимки (более 1000 кадров) в один видеоролик. Конечный результат трансформации получился внезапно ошеломляющий: из хмурого подростка в красивую, улыбающуюся девушку.

MoRe_THaN_FraG | GAIK^

Группа "Вконтакте":
Personnal website:
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Song: For The Taking-Time is running out
For The Taking - Up to you

This video is of me going through a 3 year transition (Roughly one thousand pictures). I have had FFS during the process. I started roughly around when I was 20 - 21 years of age.
I use to have my own channel a while ago where I'd post videos, but removed it. Here I am again making a return.

Girl by The Beatles. All rights to their respected owners.<br/><br/>

This video documents my first year in transition from male to female on hormone replacement therapy. I've had an amazing year and I feel like I've been brought back to a life that finally makes sense.

Ксенон MTF Light в фары. Лампы H4, но клиент пожелал установить ксенон только в ближний свет и в задний ход. Биксенон немного дороже.

Официальный сайт

Установочная студия Синий Бокс -- это сеть сертефицированных автосервисов, в которых работают настоящие профессионалы! Мы имеем многолетний опыт и штат сотрудников около 50 человек, который позволяет решать нам любые ваши задачи!

365 дней HRT

I had a channel a while back, but I deleted it for privacy purposes. I have gone through a lot of physical and emotional changes since then, and I feel that I am entering a really wonderful place in my life and I wanted to share that positivity with all of you. I have not had any surgery yet, just 17 months of HRT and six sessions of laser hair removal on my face, and I have had absolutely wonderful results. I am 5'8", 21 years old, and I work in just about complete stealth at a summer camp. I am gettin

Comment, rate, subscribe, hate. Feel free to ask any questions too! Love ya guys xoxo.

Adam Place presents the awesome Alphasphere for the second year running, this time with a beautifully developed expressive control interface.

#innovation #music #technology #musictechfest #instrument

This is ME :-)
Started Hormones August 7,2012
pics of my life
*nasty comments deleted and blocked :-)

Stay Tuned for...

Just Ruby . . . Sharin her thoughts . . .

On June 10, 2008 She has appeared on SBS Truth Games.

MTF КСЕНОН В ЗАДНИЙ ХОД АВТОЛАЙТ г.Калуга, ул.Зерновая 15г,1 этаж тел. 8-920-899-05-45

Мой первый обзорчик с моими коментариями

A little bit of my transition this far in.

В некоторые модели автомобилей можно установить ксенон в задний ход. Очередной пример этого - установка ксенона в задний ход автомобиля Lada Largus. Использовали очень качественный корейский ксенон MTF Light.

Официальный сайт

Установочная студия Синий Бокс -- это сеть сертефицированных автосервисов, в которых работают настоящие профессионалы! Мы имеем многолетний опыт и штат сотрудников около 50 человек, который позволяет решать нам любые ваши задачи!<br/><br/>

Консультации на русском языке: Доктор Камол Пансритум - один из наиболее опытных и известных во всем мире пластических хирургов, уникальный специалист по хирургической коррекции пола и феминизации лица. Все виды пластической и эстетической хирургии, увеличение груди, липосакция, подтяжка лица.

I have been changed so much by my hormones. and i have been grown up so quickly .
please dont give up your life to catch your dream . we all deserve to have smile everyday.

02 Parte do Vídeo Cássia Azevedo - Transexual (Two Years of estrogen)
+ Cirurgia de Implante Mámario
"Não se nasce mulher, se torna uma"
Facebook -

Форекс стратегия - 1 2 3 паттерн по формации + индикатор pattern 1-2-3 и советник MTF


any donation towards my transition for hrt and upcoming doctor visits and surgeries would help so much

my paypal email is under

A meeting of creative minds: Jamie Cullum, Roli and RiffRaff Films join forces in this Music Tech Fest Special. Seaboard inventor and CEO of ROLI, Roland Lamb meets Jamie Cullum to demo The Seaboard, a new musical instrument which bridges the gap between acoustic and digital music by putting the control of pitch, volume and timbre right at your fingertips. / @WeAreROLI / @RiffRaffFilms / @jamiecullum



Hiya!! I *think* I may make videos again...let me know what you think! Also, I apologise for the lighting!

Transgender Transsexual Trans Male to Female MTF Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT 2 Years blondemacaddict


My Male to Female journey. I've come a long way.
Most of the time of my life. I've been in depression for two reasons. I was abused at home and that I wasn't happy with my gender. Lately the last 3 years has been very scary, but it has been necessary to change my life.

Sometimess you have to face that you have to make sacrifices. You might lose some friends or even your family. But that is sometimes nescessary to bring tomorrow, and by that you will gain new friends and family.

JGR Toyota Yamaha's Davi Millsaps takes the Vurbmoto GoPro around for a few laps at the Millsaps Training Facility (MTF) in Cairo, GA

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The start of my journey to the other gender. Thanks for watching, for the tons of support, and I hope this series will benefit you as it will benefit me!

да пох 2 года уже прошло =D