nicole kidman chanel commercial

"I don't care about tomorrow"... Не думай о завтрашнем дне.
Живи сей час, дыши сей час, чувствуй сей час, цени сей час...

Chanel №5 commercial with Nicole Kidman.

My favourite commercial. Beautiful. Watching it again and again with bated breath...

красивая реклама с не менее красивой и талантливой актрисой)

Красивость какая! =)

Nicole Kidman - Реклама Chanel No5, подобие на Moulin Rouge

beautiful chanel ad with nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman Chanel Perfume Commercial

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Selected for Listitude's classic ads project.
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Romantic, sexy, mysterious, is the aura of the classic ad campaign by Chanel No. 5 perfume (parfum). Starring actress Nicole Kidman, this classic commercial from Chanel tells the semi-biograp

Year: 2004
Song: Clair de Lune - C.A.Debussy

When Chanel artistic director Jacques Helleu first approached Mr Luhrmann about making the film, the director told him: "I have no real experience [of making an ad] but what I can make you is a . . . trailer for a movie that has never actually been made, that is not about No 5 but in which No 5 is the touchstone."

The short "film" is a quick-cut version of a love story that tells a tale of the most famous woman in the world (Kidman), who flees a horde of paparazzi and jumps into a taxi where she meets a young writer (Brazilian star Rodrigo Santoro) so immersed in his own world that he does not know who she is. They share a lost weekend in his garret before she acknowledges her responsibilities and returns to the outside world.

Самый дорогой в мире рекламный ролик - "Chanel_№5". Бюджет ролика составил около 8млн у.е. По замыслу сценариста и режиссёра, - это маленький, короткометражный фильм, со своей историей и героями. Видеоряд прекрасно передаёт все чувства.

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