tate + violet | it's a filthy world we live in

this show is the biggest mindfuck after LOST, but it's so so good. and this couple is really adorable so i wanted to vid them. if you don't watch this show already, please do! tate & violet will be your new otp, i promise.

lol yes, using this coloring again. i think it looks pretty, plus the show is really dark so its hard to find a good coloring for it.

fandom: american horror story
couple: tate langdon + violet harmon
song: bloodstream - stateless

OMG this show...I wasn't expecting anything but its so GOOOOD!! I'm totally obsessed with it!
I especially love Tate, he is such a complex and messed up character, definitely my favourite on the show! :D
And these two are soo amazing together, the bathroom scene was the most beautiful, heartbreaking scene I have EVER seen!! OMG I get chills everytime I watch it...
I hope some of you like it too, I really don't know how many of my subscribers watch it...^^

Hope you like the video! :D