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hope you like it :)

song: uprising
singer: muse

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I'm so in love with this drama :3

Dmn, Byung Hee...why? WHYYYY? Shock... T_T
Anyway, this is a really good drama...I prefer this than Dream High 2 of course.
Bad boys, I love them xD
Sung Joon is PERFECT, PERFECT in his character and all the other guys are good looking too...seriously, I LOVE SHUT UP! FLOWER BOY BAND!
I watched this waiting for The Moon That Embraces the Sun and now I must watch something for waiting this xD
Enjoy the vid :)
And sorry for my bad, bad, bad english!

Drama: Shut up! Flower Boy Band
Song: Upspring - Muse
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 10.0

У России пятая золотая медаль.

Hey all, Jenna here and I would like to proudly present our first collab.
I think it turned out utterly amazing. The way this works is that every picked 1 character to vid.
Unfortunately two members could participate in this, as one member had to leave the group for she has exams to worry about and the other couldn't get his part in because of computer issues. So a massive thank you to Gabi (PanicOnTheRise) for filling in  also I did an extra part.

But none the less,
here is who vidded who (in order)
Promo by; Shannie180x
colourgirl22 (me); Tate Langdon
usedmisfit; Elizabeth Short
hurleybirdprod; Constance Langdon
xbecauseiloveeeyou; Nora Montgomery
Meranda543218; Chad
TaylorLynn127; Hayden McClaine
PanicOnTheRise; Ben Harmon
ElisaMelodyx; Moira O'Hara
Bro023; Adelaide
RuckisMKay; Vivien Harmon
colourgirl22 (Me); Charles Montgomery
axelsgirl15; Leah
Shannie180x; Violet Harmon


Please, watch in HD.
I think it is a little long video but there are too many scenes I wanted to end from beginning to end. I added mostly the last season. I hope you enjoy when you watch.
It is an amazing show and I already miss Fringe :(
Muse - Uprising

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Российская двойка Александра Зубкова и Алексея Воеводы выиграла золотую медаль в соревнованиях по бобслею на Олимпийских играх.