you wanna feel how it feels?

ehy! I'm here again with another Dean Ambrose's sad video, lol



«a warning or a welcome»

black sails has taken over my life, honestly
this vid is crap, and i apologize for that
but in my defence these two have such a complex relationship, & it's quite difficult to portray
i'll try again in the future (i hope)

anyway, here i tried to focus on "darkness" as an entity embodied by flint - " the greatest villain in the new world"
pointing to how it's a fictional construct more than anything else, an image that he fashioned for himself over the years
but that nonetheless

music: Placebo - running up that hill
staring Tom Hiddleston and Katie McGrath ;)

•֤•ﭏ{...WWE Clips || WWE клипы...}ﭏ•֤•

“if I only could make a deal with god…”

So there’s the late birthday present for my fried TT :3
I hope you like it even if it sucks… urrrgh.
Anyway, I finished that within three hours I think, after I had seen the new trailer for Civil War.
I’m still crying over it. MY POOR HEART T.T

Okay, now… Just thank you for watching, and have a nice day!

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