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Реакция белых полярных мишек на 26 тонн снега, который завезли в зоопарк Сан Диего, специально ради них :3

В зоопарк Сан-Диего завезли 26 тонн снега. Реакция белых медведей бесподобна


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В зоопарк Сан-Диего завезли 26 тонн снега. Полярные медведи впервые видят снег – так выглядит настоящая любовь

Пушистые нежности: как белые медведи обрадовались снегу

В зоопарк Сан-Диего завезли 26 тонн снега. Реакция белых медведей бесподобна

Полярні ведмеді зоопарку теплого міста Сан-Дієго ніколи раніше не бачили сніг. Співробітники парку зробили для ведмедиків незвичайний сюрприз – завезли у вольєр 26 тонн снігу. Реакція білих ведмедів неймовірна!

Three 3-month-old tiger cubs named Nelson, Cathy, and Debbie made their first appearance at the San Diego Zoo on Tuesday. Photo: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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Secluded panda cub Xiao Liwu plays with a ball during a medical examination

Smitten for these kittens 😻 😻 Cheetah cub sisters were spotted in the nursery. The duo was born Nov. 19, 2016 and when their mother didn’t ...

Véritable peluche sur patte, ce bébé panda s'amuse comme un petit fou avec son ballon dans le Zoo de San Diego. Avec sa grosse tête et ses petites pattes ce panda est a croquer, encore plus mignon que les pandas roux et aussi joueurs que ces pandas qui font du doboggan. Le bébé a encore beaucoup de mal a coordonner tout ces mouvements mais il apprécie le gros ballon ! :)

This is a video I use every year to raise money for Mothers Against Drunk Driving at their San Diego Walk-a Thon.

MADD needs your support like never before. There was a 20% increase in DUI incidents at Christmastime 2011 in San Diego. Please visit their national web site...

I don't understand why there is such a tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. People die because of it, and all the drunk drivers always say "It will never happen to me." But finally it does, and lives are ruined.

Note: The "Beer" watermark down in the lower right corner is my last name. I like to tell people it is my name not my game. (I like to have to have a sense of humor about my name, But DUI's are no joke.)

Directed by Lorenzo Fonda. www.paydirtpictures.tv

Directed by Lorenzo Fonda. www.paydirtpictures.tv

Directed by Lorenzo Fonda. www.paydirtpictures.tv

He squeaks, he blinks those baby eyes, and he's learning to walk! Our panda cub boy is taking the "next steps"!

Лев решил произнести речь

A critically endangered female baby gorilla is born at the San Diego Zoo

An important addition to the population of the world’s smallest species of hippo was made at the San Diego Zoo on Wednesday morning (Nov. 11). The youngster, weighing just 12 pounds, 2 ounces (5.5 kilograms), was born to its mother, Francesca, in the early hours of the morning. Mom and calf are doing well—and they are taking some quiet time in a barn out of the public eye, until keepers think the youngster is ready to try the larger pool available for swimming in the main exhibit area.

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Alturas Films - Production Company
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Jake Mengers - Animation Director, VFX Supervisor
Ruari Robinson - Director
Alturas Films - Production Company
M&C Saatchi LA - Agency

all Movie Children's baby genius a trip to the san diego zoo

The Agama Agama (Red Headed Agama) basking in the sun at the San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo's latest star attraction, a baby panda cub, gets a medical examination at the age of one month. Report by Adam Sich. Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/itn and follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/itn

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Two African lion cubs are being hand-raised by zoo-keepers in San Diego after being rejected by their mother. The unnamed youngsters are being weaned from the bottle onto solid foods as they develop their first baby teeth. The male cub weights 12 pounds and his sister weighs 9 pounds. Senior keeper Sandy Craig said: "Everything's been going as it should. They are gaining about 100 grams daily. They are eating everything we offer them so they are on the right tr

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On March 11, 2007, 17-year-old African elephant Litsemba gave birth at the Safari Park. http://www.sdzsafaripark.org
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San Diego Zoo - Backstage Pass
White Arctic Wolf Howling


Nathan at the San Diego zoo

The San Diego Zoo's panda cub is 54 days old and by all accounts is a mellow little guy. He likes being scratched behind his ear and under his chin, and he's seeing and hearing more around him every day! http://www.sandiegozoo.org/pandacam<br/><br/>

Trip to San Diego Zoo. Pink Flamingo!
San Diego

A 10-day-old female Masai giraffe at the San Diego Zoo took her first venture around her exhibit, meeting other members of her herd and running, kicking and appearing very comfortable with her new surroundings. The calf was born in the early hours of Dec. 22 and, until recently, has been in a restricted "playpen" area of the habitat until animal care staff felt she was old enough to venture into the larger space.

Keepers report the calf is healthy and progressing very well, even though she is still getting

Two snow leopards at the San Diego Zoo received special enrichment this morning, in the form of more than 8 tons of snow blown into their habitat. Penny, an almost 3-year-old female snow leopard, seemed to enjoy the cold, soft substance; while Anna, a 13-year-old female snow leopard, wasn’t quite as enthralled with her snowy surroundings. This was the first time the leopards had experienced snow in their habitat at the Barlin-Kahn Family Panda Trek area of the Zoo.

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A three-month-old fennec fox is full of energy and ready to play in the Children's Zoo Nursery at the San Diego Zoo. The young male, who weighs just 1.5 pounds, is in quarantine before training to serve as an animal ambassador for his species.

The nocturnal fox pup has spurts of energy, so animal care staff have been giving him lots of toys and food puzzles to help keep him busy. For example, meal worms are hidden in cardboard boxes or in his sand mound, which encourages the fox to use some of his natura

A kid gets attacked by a Peacock at San Diego Zoo.

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Uhhhh what a pretty bird ;) What do you think Scoot? I could just take her home...the bird...

Редкий процесс спаривания Коал) Жаль прям сам процесс заснять не успела)

Did you know that there are about two dozen different species of porcupine? This is a Brazilian porcupine, a type that has a prehensile tail, which helps maintain balance while foraging and sleeping in the trees. She lives at the San Diego Zoo and her name is Icana.

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Решили провести отпуск на самом юге Клифорнии, а именно в городе Сан Диего! Именно тут можно купаться и загорать практически круглый год!


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A close-up look at many of the more interesting looking birds that thrive in various natural habitats throughout the grounds of the best zoo on Earth.

(This is one of my older, standard definition films.)

See what makes San Diego Zoo Safari Park so unique. Check out the Safari Park channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/sdzsafaripark

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An 18-year-old gorilla, Imani, gave birth to a baby girl on March 12, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Imani showed signs of labor and was closely observed by animal care and veterinary staff. By evening, she showed no signs of progress and was transported to the Safari Park v

Cute Baby Wolf Puppy Playing at the San Diego Zoo

See this Instagram video by @sdzsafaripark • 2,955 likes

See this Instagram video by @sdzsafaripark • 3,639 likes

В зоопарке Сан-Диего посетителям предлагают послушать вой полярного волка. Вот только волки по команде не воют. Поэтому посетителей просят активно выть, чтобы животное присоединилось к общему хору. У меня так пёс подвывал мне. С улыбкой и непониманием на морде - вроде всё окей, ему окей, мне нормально, вокруг хорошо, а он воет. Просто хозяин гад :)


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Two endangered 2-year-old African penguins participated in a training session with animal care staff this morning at the San Diego Zoo’s Children’s Zoo. Trainers hand fed capelin and night smelt to the penguins, ensuring that they have an opportunity to thrive with a well balance

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San Diego Zoo Safari Park just got 130 new residents. The zoo has taken custody of a box packed with butterfly cocoons. Report by Claire Mewse.

A pair of three-week-old cheetah cubs has been unveiled at San Diego Zoo's Safari Park.

The cubs, which were born at the zoo's Cheetah Breeding Facility, are being reared by hand as their mother, Allie, has been unsuccessful at raising previous litters.

A playful two-month-old grey wolf pup is spending time in the Children's Zoo nursery at the San Diego Zoo. The 23-pound pup, named Shadow, is in the process of completing a 30-day quarantine, after which he will live at Wegeforth Bowl and serve as an ambassador for his species.

Animal care staff members are introducing Shadow to various smells and sights, which will help prepare him for his new role as an animal ambassador. Keepers working with Shadow will give him items such as ficus browse to smell and

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DailyGrace reviews the San Diego Zoo.

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Xiao Liwu turns 2 years old! Happy Birthday, Mr. Wu!

Воскресная прогулка с нами в зоопарке Сан-Диего
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Become a San Diego Zoo Facebook fan at: http://www.facebook.com/SanDiegoZooVideos or download this video (for free) in iTunes: http://bit.ly/iTunesZoo
Pink Flamingos at the world- famous San Diego Zoo in high definition (HD). Long legs let flamingos wade into deeper water than most other birds to look for food. And speaking of food, the flamingo also has very distinctive eating habits. The bill is held upside down in the water. The flamingo feeds by sucking water and mud in at the front of its bill and

San Diego Natural History Museum, Department of Paleontology presents a time-lapse video of the fossil preparation work done on a 3.5 million year old fossil baleen whale skeleton they discovered in September 2010.

The video represents 2 months of work on the palate, cranium and lower jaws as they were carefully exposed in front of the public at the San Diego Natural History Museum's demonstration lab.

Gorillas messing with one another at San Diego Zoo

I captured this lion roaring at the San Diego Zoo!

Warnings: Girl x girl, personified nations
A request from Summerlovespeace
Two Taiwan things in one day! -phew-
The 6ths- San Diego Zoo

From San Diego, Brian David-Marshall talks to Floridian Chris Fennell about his choice of decks for Pro Tour Dragon's Maze

Bai Yun and her 6th cub, Xiao Liwu.

San Diego Zoo's Giant Panda cub Yun Zi is now 18 months old and gradually being weaned. 1/31/2011

2012 was a banner year. Thanks for coming along the ride with us! http://sandiegozoo.org

Kookaburra at the San Diego Zoo behind the scenes tour<br/><br/>

Three baby fossas (mongoose-like critters from Madagascar) running wild in the nursery at the SD Zoo.

an arctic wolf howls in the backstage pass at the San Diego zoo.

Очень симпатичный коала.

Hippos at San Diego Zoo

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A one-month old Dalmatian pelican chick keeps on growing at the San Diego Zoo. Report by Jennifer Cordingley.

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Meet Robert the Zebra and his cousin Zari, an animal ambassador at the San Diego Zoo!

My website:

The world famous San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California is host to pandas, gorillas, elephants, zebras, polar bears, meerkats, kangaroos, monkeys, camels, giraffes, hogs, ducks, flamingoes.

The San Diego Zoo is world-class. Located on 100 acres in Balboa park in San Diego, California, it exhibits over 800 species. This video "tour" was shot at various times on February 6 through 8, 2012.

San Diego Zoo - VIP Tour - June 2015
Pics and Video from Canon EOS 70D

The San Diego Zoo's newest elephant, Mila, meets Mary, the herd matriarch at the Zoo's Elephant Odyssey, and sweetness ensues.
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Day in the Life of a Backpacker at the Zoo: Animals fighting, tourists get scared

On December 13, 2015, Nikki gave birth to her fourth calf. The healthy male currently tips the scale at 135 pounds, and keepers report that the youngster has a brave and confident personality.

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а тем временем в зоопарке города Сан-Диего, где живут мои друзья, родился жирафенок

Поездка в Зоопарк Сан Диего

Bai Yun wants to eat; Xiao Liwu wants to play.

Baby Panda Xiao Liwu cub is starting to cut his teeth and find his bearings during the latest check-up at the San Diego Zoo.

Full Story:

Xiao Liwu, the sixth giant panda born at the San Diego Zoo, had his weekly exam on Tuesday.

The cub weighed nearly 11 pounds and measured 25-an-a-half inches.

During the exam, a zoo veterinarian was able to see and feel several teeth in the bear's mouth.

[Matt Kinney, Senior Veterinarian, San Diego Zoo]:
"The big findings from today

It was a rainy morning in San Diego today (April 28, 2016), but at the San Diego Zoo, the forecast called for snow. One-year-old jaguar cub Valerio and his mom, Nindiri, woke up to an unexpected surprise: piles of fresh, glistening snow blanketing their habitat. The duo appeared cautious when they entered the exhibit, stepping gingerly on the snow, unsure how to react to the novel substance. However, after a few minutes, the pair started exploring, climbing, searching for buried meatballs and showcasing the

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We're going back in time to recall 30 wonderful Steam Powered Giraffe memories from the past seven years. Join us on this journey just in time for our 7-Year Anniversary Show in San Diego January 24th, 2015!

Tickets on Sale Now!

For VIP Experience purchasers, the photo-ops are scheduled to start at 4:00 PM PST. Please arrive an hour early!

Doors open for General Admission at 6:00 PM PST.

Show scheduled to start at 7:00 PM.
All ticke

Keepers at the San Diego Zoo checked the weight of a one-month-old female aye-aye today (Oct. 15), under the watchful eye of her mother. After distracting mom for a short time with a treat of honey, keepers were able to locate the baby in the nest box, reach in and scoop her up, so they could check her weight. This is an important procedure that is done frequently when the baby is young, to ensure that she is healthy and growing properly. The baby weighed 3.6 ounces at birth and weighed in at 9.03 ounces to

Matt, Ricky, Walter, and Liz's trip to the San Diego Zoo was met with a great surprise when one of the trainers was spotted walking around with a Timberwolf on a leash.

What's orange and striped and fun all over? Tiger cubs at the San Diego Zoo!

I spent time with a pair of Malayan tiger cubs at the San Diego Zoo today. This was behind the scenes and the cubs video debut. I spoke with Zoo Keeper, Rochelle Willison and in approximately another month the cubs should be able to maneuver freely around on their own and will make their public debut.

Malayan tigers are a critically endangered subspecies, with only about 500 cats left in the wild; they are the

Зоопарк в Сан-Диего - один из самых крупных зоопарков Мира. Нам понадобилось 8 часов, что бы обойти его весь и насладиться с полна) Это один из первых зоопарков в Мире практикующий открытый показ животных вне клеток. Здесь нет однообразных вольеров и клеток, разные виды животных сгруппированы по географическому признаку. Совместное содержание животных одной географической зоны позволило организовать в зоопарке тематические уголки и создать в разных зонах особый микроклимат. В зоопарке полностью воспроизведена естественная среда обитания животных. Это очень красивый и большой зоопарк. Животные все ухоженные и красивые. К ним относятся с любовью и это сразу видно. Здесь находишься будто в джунглях. Надеюсь видео сильно не утомило))) Многих животных нет на видео, так как она и так сильно большое))) но и без них оно получилось атмосферным и красочным. #sandiegozoo #sandiego #california #usa #зоопарк #сандиего #калифорния #сша

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Встреча с животным Сафари-парка зоопарка Сан-Диего - большеухой лисицей. Лисица ласкается, играет с дрессировщицей и за угощение выполняет несложные команды - залезает на каменный валун, двигает ушками, крутится вокруг своей оси, роет землю и садится.

Video from my first visit to the San Diego Zoo, February 12, 2012. I had a wonderful visit and really enjoyed seeing the zoo and it's many animal inhabitants. I hope to go back soon.

Music by Lawrence Blatt, Tomaso Damiano and Forged available on Beatpick

Video recording of Steam Powered Giraffe performing their song live at the San Diego Zoo.

Song is copyright by the original creators.

Happened to be at the San Diego Zoo to check out the new baby Panda - got pleasantly distracted by their trained Zebra, Zahari, going through her daily workout with her friend, San Diego Zoo Keeper, Tom Sica. She looked like she wanted to do whatever he asked - although once in awhile she would get distracted by her jealous donkey playmate, Sophia Loren, who liked to snip at her on occasion (had to be put on timeout once by Tom :) Zahari (Tom called her "Zari") is a Grants' Zebra, four years old, and her

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A hippopotamus was born at he San Diego Zoo yesterday morning. The mother, Funani, and the calf are doing well and animal care staff have observed the calf nursing from its mother several times after birth.

Hippo calves typically nurse for about eight months, so the mother and

A squirrel fell into the Komodo dragon enclosure July 6, 2016. This is what happened next.

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крупнейшем зоопарке США, находящемся в Сан Диего (Калифорния), 12 марта родился прелестный милый малыш - детёныш ягуара.

Ягуар является самой крупной кошкой в западном полушарии и третьей по величине в мире.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a zoo in Balboa Park, San Diego, California housing over 3,700 animals of more than 650 species and subspecies. It attracting the Tourists from around Worldwide.

A couple of grizzly bears got a rare treat in sunny San Diego over the weekend - the chance to play in snow. Report by Claire Lomas.

Learn about the world's largest (and cutest!) bat species, the Rodrigues fruit bat. http://kids.sandiegozoo.org

Learn all about those cute "little armored things," armadillos. http://kids.sandiegozoo.org

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This jaguar cub makes its big debut at the San Diego Zoo this weekend!

Маленькие апосумы😍

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Footage of some koalas at the San Diego Zoo, taken on January 20, 2009.